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MP Marko Pogačnik: PKP10 focuses on damming covid-19, helping the economy and the most vulnerable groups

(Photo: STA)

By: Sara Bertoncelj / Nova24tv

At the 91st extraordinary session of the National Assembly, MPs discussed the bill on additional measures to prevent the spread, mitigate, control, recover and eliminate the consequences of covid-19. The position of the SDS parliamentary group was presented by Marko Pogačnik – who, due to the doubts of some concerned citizens, shared the link to the amended PKP10 bill with the coalition’s amendments and their changes on the social network. “What does PKP10 bring? No worries. There is no mandatory vaccination in PKP10! This has been possible under the current Infectious Diseases Act (ZNB) for 25 years, and only with an act of the Ministry of Health,” he refuted certain rumours that appear in connection with the PKP10.

The opposition, with its rhetoric throughout the epidemic, speaks and misleads how everything is wrong, with the sole purpose of creating the impression that everything is bad in this country. Is that really so? And what is the purpose? “The purpose of the KUL opposition is to create a tsunami of dissatisfied citizens, to create widespread discontent in the country. We are just before the elections and the focus is only on power and money and nothing else,” explained MP Marko Pogačnik, adding: “As one opposition president of the KUL party said, it is important who will distribute this money, and even more important, who will get that money.” Everything else that we are watching today in the National Assembly is a show for the public and an eyeful of dust. That is why Pogačnik wants as many people as possible to read the law. To this end, he added a link to the amended PKP10 bill with the coalition’s amendments and changes.

Governance with decrees during the covid-19 epidemic is exhausting, and they have many reservations about it – but Pogačnik emphasised that they put human lives at the forefront. Even if the Constitutional Court points out a mistake, they can correct it later. But they can never resurrect dead people. In addition, legislation is passed even after several months, and during an epidemic it is necessary to react quickly, there is simply no time. The opposition is stopping the work of the National Assembly with procedural complications and does not want to work after 10 pm, which of course presents additional problems. The main theme of the tenth anti-corona package is the containment of covid-19, aid to the economy and aid to the most vulnerable groups. In the PKP10 package, Pogačnik pointed out the solidarity allowance for pensioners who receive a pension of up to 510 euros – they will receive an allowance of 300 euros. Retirees who receive a pension of 510 to 612 euros will receive a supplement of 230 euros. Pensioners who receive a pension of 612 to 714 euros will receive a supplement of 130 euros. He also pointed out that the solidarity allowance will be paid for particularly vulnerable groups in the amount of 150 euros. Persons over the age of 65 who have not received the allowance as pensioners, as well as holders or members of the farm, will also receive a one-off solidarity allowance to improve their situation.

We have before us a bill on additional measures to prevent the spread, mitigate, control, recover and eliminate the consequences of covid-19, PKP10. The main goal is to mitigate and eliminate the consequences and impact of covid in the fields of health, economy, and social security. The tenth package is in front of us. So far, the National Assembly has adopted nine anti-corona packages at the suggestion of the Government of Janez Janša. The results are those that say that anti-corona packages were necessary and justified as well as successful. Today, Slovenia is recording one of the largest economic growths among the countries of the European Union. Slovenia has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union. Slovenia currently has a record unemployment rate in the history of Slovenia. Slovenia’s credit ratings remain the same or are increasing. From this we can conclude that credit rating agencies and foreign partners trust us and assess that Slovenia is a stable and trustworthy country, Pogačnik wrote.

PKP10 also regulates the legal basis for extending the validity of tourist vouchers issued in 2020. Tourist vouchers for 2021 have been extended by the government until June 30th, 2022. Several measures are being adopted in the field of education and health. The measure is extended for 3 days of sick leave without a medical certificate. The law also provides a monthly allowance for members of the protection and rescue forces and for pupils and students who help with the care of patients in health or social care institutions. They are also extending the measure in the amount of 500 euros until June 30th, 2023, which will be received by the parents of new-borns. “In the parliamentary group of the Slovenian Democratic Party, we believe that the PKP10 package is urgently needed. That is why we will also support it. However, we would like to emphasise that we, the Members of the Finance Committee, have supported four opposition amendments, all of them related to the Infectious Diseases Act. In the Slovenian Democratic Party, we are convinced that the adoption of PKP10 will be the basis for curbing covid-19 and that we will maintain a functioning economy, preserve jobs, and protect the most vulnerable groups,” he said.

Minister of Finance Andrej Šircelj pointed out: “We are still facing the consequences and impact of the epidemic in the field of health, economy and social protection. The government is aware of this, so we have prepared measures that will be divided into two parts.” The PKP10 also brings measures aimed directly at helping the economy, companies, and individuals, he stressed.

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