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(MISLEADING!) Pop TV uses price data during Janša’s government as proof that electricity prices are low

By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova24tv

We have known that Pop TV changed from TV LMŠ to TV Svoboda since last year they conscientiously and systematically sponsored and daily covered Robert Golob’s emerging political career. Every day, we are reminded of this again. This time in the show 24ur, where they tried to attack “internet rumours” that we have the highest price of electricity in the European area.

In the show, they explained that in the case of exposing Slovenia as the country with the most expensive electricity in Europe, it is a matter of “targeting”, which shows the wrong picture, and in doing so they presented Eurostat data from the FIRST HALF OF THE YEAR, which say that Slovenia is in the lower half of European countries regarding the payment per megawatt hour. Perhaps someone missed that they said in the first half of the year – that is, when the country was still led by grown people, not socialist hippies, who did not prepare a single proposal of their own for the European Commission’s discussion on the energy crisis.

Let us remind you that Golob’s government began its mandate on June 1st, that is, at the beginning of the third quarter of 2022.

Yes, that is right – Pop TV, or TV Svoboda wanted to present the prices from the beginning of this year as proof that electricity prices in Slovenia are lower than in Europe. And most viewers probably did not even pay attention to what the Koses wrote to the young journalist on the teleprompter. They were reassured that elsewhere in the EU they pay even higher electricity prices than here. Although it is clear that the government already set such a price cap in August, which allowed the energy companies to raise it almost twice (they kindly accepted the “invitation” to increase it in the meantime).

Of course, electricity consumers are mainly interested in the prices on the day, week, and month when a new bill arrives and they are unable to pay it – at least not those who are not in the public administration and from whom Golob’s government stole part of the salary increase for the following years, which Janša’s government secured.

The government is doing everything for higher electricity prices and profits for electrical retailers

Let us remind you of the recent statement of the Minister of Infrastructure Bojan Kumer, who claimed that the calculations that say that Slovenia has the highest price of electricity in the EU are distorted and untrue. “Exchange rates are formed on the basis of an automatic algorithm between supply and demand,” he emphasised. Just so you know the next time you get a dizzying bill in the mail – it is not the government’s fault; it is the algorithm’s fault!

Considering that Slovenia is almost self-sufficient in the production of electricity, and the companies that produce it are owned by the state, citizens and companies have been rightfully asking for a long time why the selling prices are even 10 times higher, and where this difference comes from. In September, the SDS parliamentary group proposed a measure on the share of produced electricity that companies 100% owned by the state are obliged to sell to users who consume this energy in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The amendment was rejected by the coalition. “Remember this, when you will be paying expensive bills, and electricity dealers will be paying themselves millions in prizes,” commented Janez Janša at the time.

Moreover – in the meantime, our virtuous self-administrators closed the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant during the repair of the Krško nuclear power plant, citing the need to save coal, after which the director of Teš, who probably did not want to be the scapegoat for the energy cramp that awaits us, resigned quickly. The country, which is known for its energy self-sufficiency, therefore today imports as much as 75 percent of its energy from abroad at inflated prices (give or take an algorithm – prices are what they are).

Let’s also not forget that Prime Minister Golob wants to use the energy crisis to fulfil the political programme of the coalition partner – the Levica party, in the part where they advocate nationalisation. He has already announced the nationalisation of Geoplin, and there are also whispers about the nationalisation of Petrol, one of the largest sellers of electricity in the country. Therefore, at the time of the biggest crisis, our authorities want the large energy system to be under control.

It is shocking that the largest commercial television in Slovenia so shamelessly and in front of everyone represents the interests of the largest party in Slovenia and its boss, who runs the country. The “watchdogs”, who boast of controlling politics, quickly turn into guardians of the truth, which the public must not know in any way, during the time of left-wing governments – especially the current Golob’s. So, Pop TV helps the current government, there is no doubt about that. But because of this, the government without media control can be more corrupt and more (nepotistically) incompetent, and people will not even notice that they are living worse every day, but if they do notice, the media, which hates the truth, will convince them that it is even worse abroad, and our government is doing its best. Pop TV with the Kos family in Slovenia performs the task that Roskomnadzor performs for Putin in Russia. You are living worse because of the media conspiracy against you.


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