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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Minister Aleš Hojs reveals: Taxpayers have already paid enough for violent protests to be able to build two new kindergartens, a school or a home for the elderly

By: Anita Gužvič /Nova24tv

Violent protests were discussed at yesterday’s National Assembly Committee on Home Affairs. Minister Aleš Hojs was clear and reminded of the violence that erupted at the protests on September 15th, and linked it to Friday’s protests, which were also attended by “KUL” politicians. He also stressed how much it costs to guard these rallies. “Larger protests or ‘cyclists’ cost taxpayers about 40 to 50 thousand euros. This year, the taxpayers paid the values of two kindergartens or a new school to support the left wing protests, not to mention how many athletes could have been employed in the Slovenian army or police.”

Jenull’s Friday cyclists and also the Wednesday’s protests under the auspices of Zoran Stevanović have so far spent enough money on illegal protests during the apparent crisis that they could build a new school or home for the elderly with it, which is an incredible and worrying comparison. “The cost of treating those who have been infected cannot be calculated at all,” added Janez Janša.

It started with Friday’s protesters encouraged by the left opposition

KUL members wanted to distance themselves from Wednesday’s violent protests, but Minister Aleš Hojs said that it was unacceptable to accept the assessment that Friday’s protests were something else, and those on Wednesday or Thursday were independent of them. “This assessment is impossible to accept, as all the violent protests were generated from Friday’s protests, which were encouraged by political parties.”

In front of us is the call of Mr. Matjaž Nemec, who claims that he had nothing to do with Friday’s protests, but writes: “Wow, it’s already Friday, I’ll be late” with the letter “revolt”. Can you imagine a Member of the National Assembly calling for a revolt?

Violence was born

Already Friday’s protests were violent, Hojs added, showing a photo. “Here we see a puppet representing me. This doll was then burned. They did not just burn “me”, they also burned dolls in the Republic Square. During all this time, the parties of the SD, LMŠ and Levica did not condemn the protests”.

Clearly, Friday’s and Wednesday’s protests are linked, both violent and encouraged by political parties. A major protest was also announced on Wednesday, and according to Hojs, it is not expected to take place in the Republic Square. “Police officers are expected to have to fence off most of the city next time,” he added.


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