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MEP Romana Tomc wrote to Jourova: How will the European Commission act to protect the rule of law and media freedom in Slovenia?

By: Nova24tv.si

Member of the European Parliament Romana Tomc addressed a letter to Vice-President of the European Commission Věra Jourová. She inquired about the measures that Jourová had announced regarding the preparation of media legislation.

She was particularly interested in Jourová’s stance on the events at the politically influenced RTV (Radio Television Slovenia). “Given your commitment to media freedom and your careful monitoring of the developments related to the political takeover of RTV, I am reaching out to you with a few questions. Your answers are important to clarify the position of the European Commission and your personal stance on actions that lead to the degradation of the rule of law and threaten media freedom in Slovenia,” she wrote in the introduction.

The questions posed by Tomc to Věra Jourová are provided below in full.

  1. How do you comment on the fact that the current leadership of RTV withdrew the proposal for a constitutional review of the RTV Act?

On the side-lines of your visit to the Constitutional Court, you have stated multiple times that you hope the court will rule as soon as possible. The withdrawal of the proposal for the required constitutional review means that the opportunity for the Constitutional Court to rule that the RTV Act is not in line with the constitution has been eliminated. At the same time, this confirms the belief that the amendment to the RTV Act was carried out in violation of legislation and solely with the aim of complete politicisation of the public broadcaster. Why else would the current leadership be afraid of a constitutional review?

  1. How do you comment on the fact that, after the new leadership took over at RTV, some journalists were removed from their positions, and programmes critical of the government’s work were discontinued?

Many journalists lost their positions as show hosts overnight with the arrival of the new leadership, especially those who were not entirely subservient to the new leadership. Some of them had to seek medical help due to the stressful situation. Programmes that critically reported on the government’s work were discontinued, and further cancellations are announced. We have already informed you in detail about all of this.

  1. How do you comment on the fact that the Prime Minister publicly stated that the police and RTV need to be cleansed of “Janšism”?

Upon the resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs, who accused Prime Minister Robert Golob of political interference in the police because he demanded specific personnel changes, the Prime Minister publicly stated that their goal is to cleanse the police and also RTV of personnel appointed by “Janšists”. According to him, this refers to those who support the policies of former Prime Minister Janez Janša. However, in Slovenian public discourse, this term is now used for anyone who does not support the policies of the current Prime Minister Robert Golob and his coalition and is critical of the government or coalition parties. Do you not find it alarming that the acknowledgment of the ruling coalition’s goal is “purges based on political affiliation”?

  1. Based on the facts about the events in the Slovenian media space, do you believe that media freedom is ensured in Slovenia?
  1. How will the European Commission act to protect the rule of law and media freedom in Slovenia?

We expect your specific answers as soon as possible.


Commissioner Jourová is running her last lap

Věra Jourová is remembered by the Slovenian democratic public for her explicit favouritism towards the domestic political left. Occasionally, she directly intervened in daily politics. For instance, she visited the Slovenian Constitutional Court, met with journalist activists at RTV, and politicians such as Urška Klakočar Zupančič, Asta Vrečko, and Dominika Švarc Pipan. The official reason for her visit was the fight against disinformation. However, the democratic public doubted the official explanation. Therefore, an MEP addressed a request to her as a commissioner to disclose the recorded topics of discussions. The Slovenian public still has not received information on these topics.

Commissioner Jourová is leaving the political stage. She recently announced that she needs a “political detox”. Before her, another European ally of the Slovenian transitional left, Sophie in ‘t Veld, also announced her departure from political life. The latter was notably instrumental in the fight against the spring political forces. More about the departure of both can be read HERE.


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