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MEP Romana Tomc To Prime Minister Golob: “Stop With The Destruction Of Democracy And The Establishment Of An Authoritarian System In Slovenia”

By: Andrej Žitnik / Nova24tv

As we have already reported, Prime Minister Robert Golob addressed an almost empty European Parliament on Tuesday and, in his style, in addition to the usual formalities about Ukraine, the green transition and the energy crisis that all European leaders have to mention in their speeches, he also attacked the previous Slovenian government with his lies, while glorifying his previous career and his current office. And it was Slovenian Member of the European Parliament, Romana Tomc, who faced him with the truth.

Member of the European Parliament Romana Tomc said in her introduction that she was pleased to hear the Slovenian Prime Minister’s speech, which highlighted the energy crisis, the green transition, and the EU’s enlargement to the Western Balkans. “I am glad that you have proposals on how to tackle all the challenges, but I would be even more pleased if you had solutions for Slovenia as well, where the situation is really worrying,” the Slovenian MEP said.

She accused Golob of autocratic practices and called on him to stop with the subversion of democracy and the establishment of an authoritarian system in Slovenia. She said that his government is trying to establish total power in all institutions in Slovenia while also trying to silence the critical media outlets. What Golob is doing is far from democracy, it is not in line with European values, and the destruction of democracy and the brutal interference in the media space should also be a concern for the European institutions, Tomc warned.

“Major personnel purges keep coming one after the other, citizens are paying one of the highest prices for electricity in Europe, and they are worried about how they will survive the winter in the face of high inflation. The economic sector is warning that your measures are being introduced too slow, that they are too complex and not effective enough,” said Romana Tomc, accusing Prime Minister Golob of using autocratic approaches in running the country. She added that his actions in Slovenia do not reflect his words in the European Parliament.

Tomc also took to Twitter to write that she had never listened to a Prime Minister in the European Parliament “boasting on a personal level, like Dr. Golob did.” In her opinion, this was not a statesmanlike speech fit for a European politician. “I find it difficult to say anything else about the Prime Minister’s words about the rule of law other than this – he is clearly feigning ignorance, given that the Minister of the Interior resigned because of his personal pressure and interference in police staffing,” Tomc added. She also pointed out that the Chamber of the European Parliament was rather empty at the time of his speech and that Golob did not answer a number of questions from the MEPs.

Foreign MEPs were also critical of Golob

Foreign MEPs were also critical of Golob, which is a bit unusual for the European Parliament. There has also been lots of criticism of the fact that MEPs belonging to his political group did not support the resolution declaring Russia a terrorist state and that it is incomprehensible why Ukraine is not being helped in every possible way. They were also sceptical about Golob’s bizarre thesis that everyone should become vegetarian and about a climate religion that would make everyone happy. MEPs are also concerned about the rule of law in Slovenia – they are closely following the changes in media legislation, which were adopted in an unusual and very rapid way. It has also been pointed out that the resignation of the Minister of the Interior, following allegations of political pressure within the police force, is also something to be concerned about.


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