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Masleša’s diploma is still nowhere to be found – why does he refer to the fact that it was destroyed in the war?

Judge Masleša (Photo: STA)

By: P. G.

It seems that the saga of the supposedly lost diploma in law, which should be shown by the Supreme Court Judge and former President of the Supreme Court Branko Masleša, will not end for some time.

Namely, it is a story about how qualified judges and prosecutors are, who shape the lives of Slovenians. Especially after the release of the so-called Balkan warriors, this issue is of paramount importance. Especially because Masleša excuses himself with the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the destruction of his diploma.

However, the war in BiH and the consequent destruction of the diploma are not relevant at all. As early as 1980, when Masleša was employed as a judge in Koper, he should have shown both his diploma and the proof of the bar exam – we can only guess where he took it (if he took it at all). If a diploma exists, proof of it should exist in the Koper court, where all data should be stored, as employment data is kept for the longest time.

Given that there has been a lot of talk in recent years about buying diplomas in BiH, it would be worthwhile to use legal options to prevent or even better identify and disclose possible falsification, if any. Then it would no longer be about one person, but a systemic matter. All of the above is, of course, just a guess.

It is known, however, that in the period after the Second World War, the Slovene judicial system was shaped by loyal members of the Communist Party, mostly without legal training. Even now, a former car mechanic could be found among the prosecutors…


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