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Look at the absurdity to which society is irresistibly rushing: How the modern left and the media are forcibly creating a new “reality”!

By: Domen Mezeg /Nova24tv

If decades ago education and teachers were associated with awe and children were also subjected to physical punishment when they did something wrong, today the situation is upside down. If once parents supported teachers and trusted their professional decisions, today they are often in the role of uncompromising advocates of often completely misguided ideas and whims of their children, which can lead to absurd situations, completely at odds with common sense. Similar to education and schooling, the media and the modern left are creating an alternative reality in all areas of society.

The video below presents an example of a truly extreme, absurd situation that shows where permissive upbringing and unconditional following of all children’s “whims” hidden behind the famous slogan of “children’s rights” can lead to. The video also shows “helicopter parents” rescuing a child from his every dilemma. In the end, the whole thing goes so absurdly far that the school’s expert commission fires the teacher, and the biased media fall for the claims that 2 + 2 can be 22.

The video, titled “Alternative Mathematics,” introduces how a teacher finds out that her student has a problem with addition, and encourages him not to be disappointed, because he is in school to learn something, and people learn from mistakes, and that we all make mistakes, however, the student disagrees with this. Namely, he is sacredly convinced that, as already said, 2 + 2 = 22 and not four, as the teacher tries to convince him. She also tries to explain everything to him with the help of markers, but the child merely resists that the teacher’s teaching is stupid and that he is absolutely right, after which he arbitrarily leaves the classroom and knocks down the pot with pens.

The child’s behaviour is extremely arrogant the whole time, which soon becomes understandable given the arrogance of his parents who come to parent-teacher conference. The teacher tries to explain that it is perfectly understandable that sometimes children are disappointed when they face certain problems. She explains that the children had taken a test in class, and what kind of mathematical task it was as well as what mistake their child made. But as it turns out, parents also do not understand what their child was supposedly doing wrong. According to them, the child’s mathematical solution is completely correct, although only one correct solution is possible. This made the parents angry and they asked the teacher if she thinks their son is stupid, which the teacher denied.

The child’s father even goes so far as to ask the teacher who she thinks she is, that she dares to do something like that, and the mother compares the teacher to a Nazi. The father was similarly insulting, comparing her to a “little clever stray ass” and asking her if she is “retarded”, and at the same time insists that their son Danny is “freethinking”. The teacher decided that she no longer wanted to take part in such a conversation, and in the end the mother even slapped the teacher and called her a “whore” or a “bitch”. The next day, the teacher was visited by the principal, who accused her of arguing with the student’s parents and demanded that she apologises to the parents. To that the teacher replied in horror that the mother had hit her. The principle, horrified, repeats the parents’ accusations that she told Danny that he had given the wrong solution to the task. The reasonable explanations by the teacher are apparently not enough to prove the principal her right.

Eventually, the situation lead to absurd protests in front of the school against the “biased teacher”. The rioters even demanded that the teacher should apologise to the parents for her behaviour and ask her why she started teaching in the first place, if she “hates children”. The matter got so far that she had to face a school commission which forbade her from teaching for a certain period of time. Even in this case, all her reasonable explanations do not turn out helpful. In doing so, the commission offered her the opportunity to reconsider her “extremist view”. In the evening, everything ends up on the news, where the teacher is blamed of violating children’s rights. They even falsely claim that she had attacked the “innocent” student because of his personal views, and because his answer was allegedly wrong. Some TV host even publicly asked her why she does not go to communist France, if she hates the USA so much.

Meanwhile, she receives a phone call. She is told by the school that it is best for everyone’s sake to fire her and at the same time invite her to come back to school, and that they do not want her to continue to “radicalise” their students. Upon her arrival at the school, she is met by a group of journalists together with the principal, who apologises for how things turned out, and that all he wanted was to be more “open-minded”. To this she asked him whether this applies to mathematics and academic integrity. The principal only tells her that she has been “warned”. However, he agreed that financial obligations to her needed to be carried out, namely two thousand dollars for her last payment period and two thousand dollars for the current one, which totals at four thousand dollars. She leaves the principal speechless when she tells him that it is actually $22,000.


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