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Janez Remškar: “First politics and benefits, then people’s health. It is scary where humanity is going today.”

Dr. Janez Remškar (Photo: STA)

By: Nina Žoher / Nova24tv

Janez Remškar wants us to finally agree on a joint fight against covid-19. “This will be difficult because we have selfish people among us who think that the measures caused by the virus are unbearable and they do not respect them. At the same time, non-compliance with measures costs lives.” He thinks that perhaps the desire to fight the virus together is naïve. Especially if we remember the joint show of RTV Slovenia and POP TV entitled Let’s get together. “The two left-wing television stations did not unite to resolve the conflict with the covid, but to continue to oppose the government, thereby endangering lives,” he said.

According to Janez Remškar, his desire to consolidate power in shaping the regulation of our state health care into real public health care is equally naïve. “I argue that it is necessary to show the reasons why there is no regulation.” He reminded that Dr Matej Beltram added at the session of the parliamentary health committee on the Levica’s accusations against the so-called amphibian doctors, which are the result of unsettled conditions and poor access to health services: “Therefore, in addition to the described amphibians, I miss other representatives of the Slovenian state health fauna, parasites, leeches, carnivores, hyenas, hawks and other beasts and predators, as well as octopuses and sloths.” One can only guess which option they are all working with, Remškar added.

According to Remškar, public RTV causes special damage to loved ones based on its reporting. According to him, their journalists often do not ask their guests where such information, untruths and lies come from. “I want to say that such conduct is irresponsible, unprofessional and, above all, unfair. Much of what has been said threatens our viewers, and journalism is silent. Is it possible that journalists do not have basic knowledge and information about this virus? Is something completely different in the game? For example, political activism in favour of former political structures? It is no wonder that the left half of politics is fighting for control of the RTVS programming council, thus controlling information”, he emphasised critically.

According to Remškar, at the very beginning of the epidemic, then not yet a pandemic, at the end of 2019, in the confusion of information of ignorance, with few exceptions, no one acted properly. Neither did the World Health Organisation (WHO). He pointed out that Taiwan was one of the few that, without draconian measures, curbed the spread of the virus. But it is still not a member of the WHO because of China. “That is a shame for the WHO. First politics and benefits, then people’s health. It is scary where humanity is going today. Something similar is happening here.” We are one of the few countries where the political opposition, not just brawls on the roads, but opposes virtually any government action. “Instead of coming together with a virus we did not know about, against which we had no vaccine or medicine, the opposition, with the help of the media, decided to incite the government and oppose its actions. Did they contribute to the successful fight against the virus? No. Did they themselves point to the right solutions with the help of the media? Again, no,” he said clearly.

According to Remškar, the information commissioner also joined the incitement of the government with her problematizing of data tracking on telephones, which they usually do in countries where they were aware of the seriousness of the virus. Later, the Constitutional Court joined the obstruction of the government. “The late professor Dr Lovro Šturm clearly stated that the majority of constitutional judges did not observe the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and completely ignored the relevant international law, where the protection of human life is in the first place. One is overwhelmed by anger at what the Constitutional Court allows itself in our country. But history will also put this and the work of some current members of the Constitutional Court in the right place,” Remškar emphasised.

He went on to point out some concrete examples that, with the help of public television, have contributed to harmful actions when it comes to curbing the epidemic. Among other things, he pointed out Branko Gradišnik in the show Politično, hosted by Tanja Gobec. He asserted the following: “We were slaves and as slaves we learned humility, obedience, etc. Those who carry this gene, this meme, are the ones who have been vaccinated.” Remškar describes this as discarded, harmful to people, because they often accept something as the truth, if it is said on television. “He went down to the field of genetics, where he has no knowledge and misleads people. But the host was quiet about it. The same applies to her as to Gradišnik. Discarding and harmful to people”.

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