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Janez Janša: Slovenian Democratic Party Is The Winner Of The Local Elections For The Fifth Time In A Row

By: C. R.

In his statement to the press after the results of local elections had been declared, the President of the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka – SDS), Janez Janša, said that the SDS party was the winner of the local elections for the fifth time in a row, as 53 mayoral candidates who were supported by the party were elected, and nine candidates with the party’s support made it to the second round.

At the beginning of his statement, SDS President Janez Janša said that local elections are as important as the elections to the National Assembly, or even more so, for the parties that are not just one-hit wonders. He added that the data show that the SDS party will be the winner for the fifth time in a row in municipalities and city councils where seats are divided proportionally.

“In the last local elections, 632 city councillors were elected on the lists of the Slovenian Democratic Party, all over Slovenia, but at the moment, the data show that more than 500 councillors have already been elected under the proportional system alone in the current election. This does not include the councillors who are elected under the majority voting system,” Janša commented on the elections of municipal and city councillors.

The President of the Slovenian Democratic Party also commented on the elections for mayors: “Four years ago, 52 mayors were elected in the first round, who ran with the support of the SDS party. At the moment, 53 candidates supported by our party have already been elected.”

At the end of his statement, Janša added that the low voter turnout was somewhat worrying. He gave two objective reasons for it. One is the density of the elections this year. He said that from this point of view, it was regrettable that the upcoming referendum day was not also held today: “It would have been easier and cheaper for everyone.” The second reason, in his opinion, is that 51 mayors ran without competition.


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