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It cannot not true, but it is! – Minister Han declared Spain and Portugal to be island countries

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

“Spain and Portugal have a different system, given that they are island countries, and they do not have the system that other European countries have, which are basically on the mainland. They have different mathematics,” said Economy Minister Matjaž Han in the Odmevi show, causing a lot of laughter and outrage on social networks. Han is the minister with the lowest formal education in Golob’s government.

The Minister of Economy, Matjaž Han, answered on TV Slovenija the question of the host Luka Svetina, why Slovenia did not create a cap on the prices of gas and electricity, as Spain and Portugal did. He explained that these two “island countries” have different mathematics than the rest of the countries on the continent and that there are certain specifics here that need to be known. “You must know that in the previous years, when we bought it very cheaply, they purchased significantly more expensive gas. Here are the specifics you need to know. It is very good that we cooperate with other countries, such as Germany and the Netherlands, and try to find a common denominator,” said the minister.

According to STA, today the leaders of the EU member states will talk at the summit in Brussels about further measures to deal with the energy cost. They will discuss the commission’s proposals, which, among other things, envisage limiting prices at the main European gas trading hub TTF. The mechanism would remain in place until an additional contract gas pricing index based on LNG trading is developed. The European Commission also proposes the introduction of a temporary mechanism to limit price fluctuations of futures contracts for electricity and gas within an individual trading day. The proposals also include measures in the areas of joint gas ordering and solidarity between member states.


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