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Is Minister Bobnar aware that a heavily armed migrant gang was intercepted at the Serbian border? Or is she too busy tearing down the protective fence on Slovenia’s southern border?

By: Tanja Brkić / Nova24tv

Serbian border police arrested an armed migrant gang at the border with Hungary. The migrants had with them automatic weapons, bullets, as well as cold weapons.

The arrest came at the same time that Robert Golob was justifying the removal of the border fence in the Slovenian media, and Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar was present at the removal of the first meters on the border with Croatia. What we talked about when Robert Golob announced the removal of the wire fence is coming true. The influx of migrants, armed to the teeth.

This time, Serbs arrested 85 illegal migrants in the north of the country near the border with Hungary, in the place where an alleged incident involving people smugglers took place earlier this month, in which one person died and several others were injured. What is even more shocking is the fact that they were armed to the teeth with automatic firearms and ammunition, knives, and other weapons.

The Slovenian army has started removing the wire fence on the border with Croatia. When the first meters of the fence were removed, Interior Minister Tatjana Bobnar said that they decided to remove it because the wire fence is a completely disproportionate measure. Really? The wire fence was put up for security against illegal migrants, who, even with the fence in place, look for and even find ways to gain illegal access. Thus, her awareness statement that the country without the fence will be faced with new security challenges is actually playing with security and the lives of all Slovenian citizens.

Proof that we are on the verge of a wave of migrants is the fact that on Thursday, operational teams in the area of the police department for the city of Belgrade and the police departments in Kikinda, Subotica, and Sombor took action against 85 illegal migrants, six of whom were arrested, and against two they filed a criminal complaint on suspicion of committing various criminal acts, Serbian media reports. 40 migrants with irregular status were taken to Padinska Skela under the Law on Aliens, and 40 were charged with misdemeanours.

The police confiscated three automatic rifles, four pistols, 12 pieces of various knives, machetes, sabres, and boxers, and 182 pieces of ammunition of various calibres.

Austria will send migrants back

The very announcement of the removal of technical barriers raised the alarm among smugglers and migrants on the migrant route to Europe. It also did not take long for concern to be expressed in Austria, where Slovenian borders have been controlled since the middle of the century. At the same time, it is impossible to overlook the fact that the police handled 3,107 illegal border crossings in the first four months of this year, which is 85% more than in the same period last year. According to media reports, Austria’s Interior Minister Gerhard Karner stated in parliament that he does not see any problems from neighbouring countries, except for Slovenia. He characterised the removal of technical barriers on the border with Croatia as a reckless step and added that “they will resolutely return everyone back to Slovenia and re-introduce appropriate control from July 1st.”

Migration pressure is increasing

Migration pressure along Hungary’s southern border has been high for months, prompting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to approve the creation of a new border force with sole responsibility for border security earlier this month. The route between Serbia and Hungary remains a popular choice for people smugglers looking to extort economic migrants from Asia and North Africa who intend to cross the EU’s external border before traveling west to countries such as France, Germany and, in many cases, the UK.


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