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Is Golob’s government saving Putin’s regime with high energy prices?

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv.si

Sanctions against Russia should work, but the opposite is happening. If we compare the year 2022 with the previous year, the value of imports from EU countries has increased. In this regard, Slovenia is leading the way.

The next time you have a “stroke” because of a high fuel bill, it is good to know the reason. It seems that the culprit is the comradely assistance of the domestic ruling socialist oligarchy to the regime of the Russian Federation, or to Vladimir Putin. With high fuel prices, “Soldier Vladimir” and his invasion of Ukraine are being saved. As a result, the Slovenian ruling comrades are complicit in prolonging the agony of innocent children, wives, old men, prisoners of war, etc. It is complicit in the continuation of looting, rapes, rocket attacks, torture, mass killings, etc.

Trade between Russia and the EU (between February and August from 2021 to 2022) has declined considerably, but thanks to domestic policies, the value of imports has increased. More here. The graph of the Politico newspaper shows that between 2021 and 2022 Slovenia increased the value of imports by a record 346 percent!! With this, it far exceeds even Luxembourg, which increased the value of imports by 262 percent. They are followed by: Greece 142 percent, Austria 139 percent, Cyprus 138 percent, and Hungary 132 percent.

A lot has already been written about the pro-Russian nature of the transitional left and its behind the scenes. Malignant symptoms are seen on very different occasions. The former Ukrainian ambassador to Croatia, Oleksandr Levchenko, gave an interesting piece of information at the beginning of the summer: “Russia has a hotbed of its intelligence community in Ljubljana. It is important for the Kremlin to always receive confidential information first-hand.” More here. Would such extensive activity by the Russian authorities be possible without the blessing of domestic politics?

Kučan for reducing arms aid to Ukraine

Serbian TV host Milomir Marić also made a very interesting statement last spring when he said that Kučan is clearly the most powerful man in Slovenia, although he is retired, and Vladimir Putin needs him to launder money. More here. In the case of Kučan, it should not be forgotten that he likes to be an honorary speaker at the Russian chapel (even though he is not particularly religious) but is also mentioned several times as an honorary member of the Slovenia-Russia association. It should also be remembered that Kučan, together with Danilo Türk, Svetlana Slapšak, and the Peace Institute, was one of the co-signatories of the infamous letter, in which the government was urged to “form a reasonable position on the war in Ukraine”.

In the letter, the transition intellectuals warned that all the sanctions were in vain and between the lines “cheered” for less military aid for the victims of Russian aggression. These are the same red demons as during the independence and disarmament of the Slovenian Army. More here. Let’s also remember with what a heavy heart the “deserving” returned the consular title of the Russian Federation, especially Ljubljana Sheriff Zoran Janković. More here. We should also remind you of the strong presence of pro-Russian propaganda in the Slovenian media, especially on the “independent” RTV, where the reporting of journalists such as Kaja Sajovic and Boris Vasev is highlighted. More here and here.

How left-wing MEPs shamefully collaborated with the occupier

A few more words about the pro-Russian narrative in the Slovenian media: here and here. The biased coverage of the Belarusian-Russian hybrid war, for which Middle Eastern migrants are being instrumentalised in order to denigrate Poland with accusations of lack of philanthropy, etc., also deserves some attention. An example. Let us also recall the recent vote on the resolution to declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” when Slovenian left-wing MEPs shamefully abstained. More here. And we could go on and on…


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