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(INTERVIEW) Aleš Primc: “A child has the right to a mother and a father, and neither Nazi Germany nor the regime’s radical believers and LGBTQ+ activists have the right to take those rights away. Everything else is an abuse of children, nature, and the law, and destroys families.”

By: Petra Janša

We invited Aleš Primc, a fighter for children and families, a long-time civil society activist and politician, to a conversation. He was the initiator and organiser of three victorious family referendums in 2001, 2012, and 2015, and the inspiring chairman of the 2014 Committee, which organised 237 rallies in front of the Supreme Court in support of Janez Janša.

He is also the author of three collections, namely about Dr Janez Evangelist Krek, Jakob Prašnikar (mentor and friend of Blessed Anton Martin Slomšek) and Ivan Oman, with whom they were friends. In recent months, he has been employed at the Demography Office as the head of the Demography Sector, where measures to help families were intensively prepared. Golob’s government abolished the aforementioned office last week, which Aleš Primc characterised as revenge of Luka Mesec. He announces new activities for the benefit of children and families.

DEMOKRACIJA: Mr. Primc, let me start our conversation a bit provocatively. Am I transphobic if I think only women can get pregnant?

Primc: It is quite normal to think that only a woman can be pregnant. I am sure that at least 95 percent of people agree with us. The LGBTQ+ ideology, which claims that men can and have the right to be pregnant as well, is unnatural and directed especially against the dignity of women. It is an extremely influential religious sect of some kind, which claims that male and female gender and sexual orientation are not grounded in human nature, but are invented or they are, as they say, social constructs. Of course, there is no scientific proof for this, on the contrary, all scientific evidence shows that they are wrong. Their followers simply have to take their word for it. To begin with, radical LGBTQ+ believers want to abolish the marriage of a man and a woman at all costs in the states and introduce adoptions to homosexual and other LGBTQ+ relationships. Then they continue that men should also be recognised as having the right to motherhood. Either by having reproductive organs surgically implanted at the state’s expense, or through the maternity trade, where they find a poor woman to give birth to a child and sell it to them. They wrap all this in the cellophane of equality and human rights and want to impose these dogmas on children in schools. Exposed people who disagree with this madness are branded homophobes and transphobes and mercilessly lynched through the media. In a recent decision, 6 constitutional judges upheld these crazies by abusing the constitution and they want to impose it on the majority of Slovenians, even though they do not agree with it.

DEMOKRACIJA: The Constitutional Court also did not consider the outcome of three so-called family referendums.

Primc: That is true. The Constitutional Court shamelessly trampled on the decision of 1,085,275 votes in three family referendums, where we decided by a large majority that a child needs a mother and father, and the state has no right to take them away from a child. The decision is also unconstitutional because a biased judges ruled in the case, which should not have been the case, as they do not guarantee an impartial trial and the appearance of an impartial trial. Judge Katja Šugman Stubbs acted as an activist in the referendum campaign on the side of LGBT activists. Aleksander Čeferin, the brother of constitutional judge Dr Rok Čeferin, also participated in the campaign of LGBT activists. This decision is all about giving LGBTQ+ children and their activists access to schools. They already have all other rights like everyone else. Children who already live in the LGBTQ+ community do not get any new rights with this decision, because which is the only right thing, they are already fully equal to all other children.

DEMOKRACIJA: But the decision stands. What is next?

Primc: We will oppose this decision and ideology with all means. It is only a matter of time before it is abolished, as it is anti-natural, anti-scientific, anti-child, and anti-family. The Constitutional Court legally abolished the natural difference between the male and female sexes and granted the right to a child to an individual who cannot naturally have one alone or with another individual of the same sex. This is the same logic as the Nazi Lebensborn project, where Nazi Germany took away the right to have “its” children. The experiment ended tragically for many children and mothers. A child has the right to a mother and a father, and neither Nazi Germany nor the regime’s radical believers and LGBTQ+ activists have the right to take those rights away. Everything else is an abuse of children, nature and the law and destroys families.

DEMOKRACIJA: Where will this lead?

Primc: It has already led somewhere. It brought, for example, to the fact that Western civilisation is not respected by the rest of the world. Asia, India, Muslim countries, Africa reject the LGBTQ+ religion or ideology, slowly distance themselves from us because of it, and even openly mock us. (On July 14th, for example, American President Biden sent two high-ranking transsexual government representatives to the celebration of the French national holiday, who came dressed as transsexuals.) This ideology has a dominant influence on only a little over 10 percent of the planet. The political and economic consequences of this isolation of Western civilisation on a global level are becoming more and more apparent. A new order of the world without Western civilisation is emerging, I am afraid even against it. That is not good. Not for us, not for the world. Fortunately, there are already positive developments in the West as well. In the US, parents are successfully resisting the indoctrination of LGBTQ+ children in schools en masse, and the majority in the Republican Party is following them. It is very likely that the ideological decision to dissolve the marriage of a husband and wife will soon be overturned by the US Supreme Court. Even in Great Britain, there is a growing resistance to the LGBTQ+ ideology. This is one of the central themes of the campaign for the new Conservative party boss, with the main candidates announcing that they will stand up for the rights of children and parents in schools and to ban men who say they feel like women from women’s sports. I also attribute this change in the politics of the Conservative Party, which until recently was a strong promoter of the LGBTQ+ ideology in Great Britain, to the fact that in the English Conservative Party, the descendants of immigrants from India and Muslims, who have more common sense in this regard than the native English, are increasingly taking the initiative. Muslims e.g., in English schools, where they reach a certain critical mass, rebel and do not allow their children to be taught how to change gender and sexual orientation and that mother and father are not important to the child. A few days ago, for example, one of the Spanish courts ruled that hanging LGBTQ+ flags in front of state institutions, etc., is illegal. These are important steps in the West, which show that new times are coming, more favourable to children, the family, motherhood and fatherhood, and Western civilisation.

DEMOKRACIJA: How does the LGBT lobby manage all this?

Primc: LGBTQ+ ideology is Marxism, version 2. In the 1960s, leftists saw that communism in the West had failed. They looked for the causes and found that they had misunderstood Marx by understanding him only in social and economic terms. They insinuated that if they wanted to carry out a permanent revolution, they had to break the family at its foundation. Thus, since the 1960s, they have been working on the so-called march on institutions project conceived by the radical left-wing ideologue Herbert Marcuse. They identified key financial levers and institutions and systematically took them over: professional psychological and medical associations, universities, media, political parties, key people in ministries across countries (especially those that distribute money through tenders), international organisations, judicial institutions, education, religious communities, etc. In parallel, all the time, they carry out changes or subversion of language. They introduce new words (homophobia, transphobia, queer, etc.), give their own meanings to old words (e.g., family, parents, marriage, woman, man, etc.), and abuse concepts (human rights, dignity, compassion, love, sexuality…). In short, they “cover their thoughts” with language, as left-wing linguistics was perfectly illustrated by Dr John Evangelist Krek more than 100 years ago. So, it is a plan that is systematically implemented. Hundreds of textbooks have been written on how to do this. Values ​​do not change by themselves, but they change them by design. This has been going on in the Western world for more than 50 years, and in Slovenia for the last 30 years. Their main problem is that their religious ideology is so at odds with nature and common sense that they have to wash the heads of each new generation. All children are born normal, every child understands what mom and dad are, what boys and girls are, the vast majority of boys naturally like girls and girls naturally like boys, etc. That is why they are pushing so hard to get the school system under control.

DEMOKRACIJA: What about in Slovenia?

Primc: Due to a stressful lifestyle, financial problems, burnout, especially of mothers, all kinds of addictions, etc., families face many problems and would need more support and understanding from the state, employers, schools, social institutions, etc. This is especially true for families with children with special needs. However, instead of support, the state imposes new dangers for children. We will not leave our children to radical LGBT activists. Every child needs a mother and a father. If something happens to the mother and father, then the right of the child, who is already affected by tragic circumstances, is for the state to find him the most suitable environment, i.e., a well-ordered family of a mother and father, where he will have the opportunity to develop alongside a female and a male educational and developmental dimensions. A child cannot be adopted by a grandmother and grandfather, but two men acting silly naked at the Pride Parade can. This is a scandal! The fight to protect the rights of children and parents therefore continues. Golob, Levica, and SD will soon adopt catastrophic changes to the Family Code, and we will do everything in our power to enable people to once again express their support and respect for the right of a child to its mother and father in a family referendum.

DEMOKRACIJA: Will that be possible? Some predict that the Constitutional Court will ban the referendum.

Primc: The majority in the National Assembly tried to prevent the referendum twice already, namely in 2011 and 2015. Both times we complained, the referendum was allowed, and both times people decided en masse that a child needs a mother and a father. Since 2015, the constitution has not been amended, so the Constitutional Court has no legal basis for a different decision. It is the duty and right of people who respect their mother and father to submit their signatures for the referendum. I take this opportunity to invite them to do so proudly.

DEMOKRACIJA: But what if the Constitutional Court bans the referendum anyway…

Primc: Given the ideological composition, this possibility exists, which is why it is all the more important that people really massively support the request for a referendum and thereby give a strong signal to politics and constitutional judges. It is summer, many people are on vacation, so it is important that everyone who is not on vacation signs the referendum petition. I do not want to speculate on what it will be, if it will be, because that is not my job. My job is to fight for the rights of children and families and give it my all.

DEMOKRACIJA: What consequences threaten if the new Family Code were to be implemented?

Primc: Our children, if something were to happen to us, could be adopted by LGBT activists, but not by grandparents. I shudder to think about it. Homosexual, transsexual, quoisexual content would be mandatory in school programmes starting with the next school year. This means that children would be taught that a child does not need a mother and father, they would be taught how gender and sexual orientation change, that they should experiment with homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, etc. How does this look, see the textbook Love is love (Amnesty international: Children, what if they changed their gender | 24KUL.si). They know how to teach this in an incredibly attractive way for children, and very many children, according to some data even 40 percent, fall for it (Nearly 40 Percent of U.S. Gen Zs, 30 Percent of Young Christians Identify as LGBTQ, Poll Shows (newsweek.com)). What it means for children who get confused in this way, and for entire families, you can best imagine that your child or grandchild comes home one day and says that he realised that there is no such gender as you force him to be. Then, without the consent of the parents, treatment with therapists, hormone therapy and permanent and irreversible surgery to change the sex begin… A lot of suffering, a feeling of helplessness and despair. Instead of the child living a happy and creative childhood, he, and the whole family deal with this for many years. There are about 1 in 10,000 cases where a person does not feel with the gender to which they belong biologically. But these cases must be dealt with separately, not raising doubts about their gender and sexual orientation in all children, starting from kindergarten and elementary school.

(Photo: Matic Štojs Lomovšek)

DEMOKRACIJA: Obviously, one of the main targets of LGBT organisations are children in schools and kindergartens. What should teachers who refuse to submit to LGBTQ+ ideology do?

Primc: A few days ago, the Association of Catholic Educators published a very weighty statement (Column: DKPS), in which they point out the problematic nature of introducing the LGBTQ+ ideology into schools and, in particular, the ethical dilemmas of female teachers who will be forced to teach these contents, which, as they say, are in conflict “with the fundamental laws of nature, biological facts, human dignity and the ethical attitude of the individual”. There will be no other choice here than that the teachers will also organise and rebel. Here, too, there are strong examples from abroad and good practices can be applied.

DEMOKRACIJA: The decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the annulment of the marriage between husband and wife and the possibility of adopting children into same-sex unions was also regretted in the Catholic Church…


Primc: The annulment of the marriage between husband and wife, the legal annulment of the meaning of the female and male gender, is contrary to the Holy Scriptures and the teaching of the Catholic Church. If we take only the fourth commandment of God: “Honour your father and your mother, so that you may live long, and it will be well with you on earth.” But LGBT people strive to do everything possible so that a child does not have a mother or a father. How are you going to respect someone who, according to LGBT, you are not even allowed to have? The church teaches respect for mother and father, and LGBT people teach that a child does not need a mother and father at all. The Bible also teaches that God created man and woman. It does not teach that there are 100 and more genders, as LGBT people claim. That is to say, there are really big differences in views, so it is understandable that the Catholic Church has clearly defined itself.

DEMOKRACIJA: What follows the disputed decision of the Constitutional Court? Will you give up in the Movement “It is for children!”?

Primc: Absolutely not! Here we took Winston Churchill as a model, who said:

We will never give up! It is about our children and here we moms and dads are protective to the core. In the war against mothers and fathers, LGBT people cannot win. They can only cheat a battle. Maternal and paternal love is the greatest force in this world, and mothers and fathers are ready to do anything to protect our children. There are no differences between left and right moms and dads here.

DEMOKRACIJA: You are probably aware that a law on assisted suicide and euthanasia is also being quietly drafted. What is your position on this really sensitive topic? Are you afraid of doctors becoming executioners?

Primc: Medical poisoning of the sick and elderly is the way left-wing parties want to save money for health and pension funds. They want to send people who need treatment and care to their deaths to avoid further costs. This is what this ideological project is all about. This is left-wing pension and health care reform. Of course, they want to package this horrible truth so that it does not look like it really is. Doctors are very much against it, so I am counting on them using their influence in society to prevent this legislation from being passed. This is another example where the Slovenian radical leftists are on the same line as the Nazis. As you know, the Nazis in Germany had a special programme for medical poisoning of patients.

DEMOKRACIJA: The recent ruling of the US Supreme Court, which overturned the precedent case Roe vs. Wade, reopened the issue of abortion in our country as well. You are a well-known fighter for the rights of unborn children. One of the few who dares to speak openly about this topic in politics. Is abortion really guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia?

Primc: Let me add something. I am a fighter for the rights of unborn children and mothers and fathers in need. Victims of the death of an unborn child are the unborn child as well as its mother and father. According to research, at least 40 percent of women regret and suffer from this decision for the rest of their lives. You know what young people who come to hikes for life often say as the reason? “I am here for my brother or sister who could not be born,” or “For my classmates who are not in my class because of abortion.” Yes, young people have a lot of respect for life. You will search in vain for the word abortion or prohibition of abortion in the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. In Slovenia, the constitution guarantees the free decision of parents about the birth of children, which is, of course, the only right thing. No one has the right to impose on parents how many children they should or should not have. In Slovenia, the death of an unborn child is by law one of the birth control methods, on the same level as a condom. I am sure the vast majority of people do not agree that abortion and condoms are on the same level. People understand abortion as an extreme step in very difficult life circumstances. Legislation in this sense does not follow the view of the people. It is also a serious discrimination against unborn children. Children that the mother wants have the status of a patient even before birth, but children that the mother does not want do not have this status recognised. This is in complete contradiction to the constitution and human rights documents, which prohibit discrimination based on personal circumstances. And so it happens that doctors in the same offices help one unborn child and take the life of another.

DEMOKRACIJA: Why is the current government abolishing the Office for Demography?

Primc: We have been working hard at the office. I came myself in March. At that time, we were the director, a student, and me. In a short period of time, we prepared a vision, an overall image, worked out the work areas and the work programme, and started cooperation with many municipalities, civil society organisations and state authorities. In cooperation with the government and ministries, we have achieved at the professional level that all regulations and materials that go through the government will also have to be examined from the point of view of the impact on demographic indicators. I hope this government will at least maintain that. We were preparing for the establishment of the Demographic Council of Slovenia, in which experts and representatives of civil society organisations would propose and coordinate demographic solutions. We have prepared more than 50 measures to help families, which will make the decision for a child or to have more children easier. We started preparing Slovenia’s first demographic strategy. We have already prepared projects for European funds and have already obtained some of them. We have planned and already prepared the first demographic day. Etc. When I look back, it is amazing how much work we did in such a short time! Now there are 11 of us in the office. A wonderful team. Excellent professional knowledge. They say that the office for demography is being abolished because Slovenia does not need an office “to promote a conservative birth policy and traditional values of fatherhood and motherhood”. They also claim that “the key problem is not the insufficient number of children”. Being against the values of motherhood and fatherhood is complete madness. Motherhood and fatherhood are not traditional values, but universal values of every nation and society that wants to survive. Motherhood and fatherhood are also the most beautiful missions of man. That Slovenia does not have a problem with births, however, is contradicted by all demographic studies and figures, domestic and foreign. The truth is that in Slovenia for more than 40 years we have not had a birth rate that would ensure a natural renewal of the population. The Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, which is supposed to be responsible for demography, gave this argument to make the current government’s ideological zeal even greater. This is like the position of the Minister of Health that diseases do not exist and therefore we do not need hospitals, medicines, or doctors. Sick. One of the key national demographic measures is for voters to send the Levica party to the dustbin of political history as soon as possible.

DEMOKRACIJA: You wrote somewhere, on Twitter, if I am not mistaken, that Luka Mesec wants to take revenge on you. Why do you think so?

Primc: Mesec has no arguments based on facts and data for the abolition of the office, so I can see nothing but that he wants to take revenge on me. But in reality, by halting the development of demographic measures in Slovenia for a few years, he will harm the Slovenian nation, patients, and pensioners. It is a shame every month when we do not work on it. But the matter has gone so far that the office of demography will soon come to life again, but then not as a government office, but as a ministry with great powers. This realisation is dawning not only on the right, but also on the moderate or normal part of the left.

DEMOKRACIJA: What about the long-term care law?

Primc: The long-term care law reveals the duplicity and ideological violence of left-wing parties in Slovenia. Left parties were unable to pass this law for 30 years. When Janša’s last coalition finally accepted it, they blocked it. The biggest victims of this left-wing politics are the sick and the elderly.

DEMOKRACIJA: How would you rate the government’s work so far? What do the rulers let us know? Laws are adopted according to urgent procedures, as if we are in a state of war…

Primc: I do not think we have ever had such a weird and brutal government. This will certainly have consequences in the following mandates as well, because Golob is doing things that were not used to be normal. He is destroying the unwritten gentlemanly rules that ensure minimal trust and political continuity. I am surprised there are not any smart people on the left who would realise this and stop it. If they do not do it themselves, the citizens will have to do it. With victories in this year’s presidential, local elections and referendums, with protests in the streets, etc. It is important that the readers of Demokracija magazine are aware that everyone can do something for a better Slovenia and is obliged to do so. Fuming and getting angry does not help. You have to get out of your comfort zone.

DEMOKRACIJA: Probably, the amendment to the law on RTV Slovenia also indicates this, especially if we look at the way the programme council is appointed… Will politics withdraw from public RTV, as the rulers claim?

Primc: This is just the greed for power of the current government and the left parties. For them, the ideologically neutral state television is the only one that they abuse to manipulate Slovenian men and women. It is important that the left-wing amendment to the law is rejected in the referendum because its only purpose is that they will always be able to do whatever they want there and destroy Slovenia, and we will be forced to pay for it.

DEMOKRACIJA: Let’s go back a little to the referendum questions. Are quorums a double-edged sword?

Primc: A quorum for referendums is making fools of people, at least until they are introduced for elections as well. In an election, with one participant in the election, the party that received one vote can decide on all issues in the country, but in a referendum, this one vote cannot decide on even a single issue. In addition, the quorum is an undemocratic instrument because it motivates parties, media, and influential groups to reduce participation in the referendum in order to achieve their goal. Another of the craziness in Slovenian politics, for which Gregor Virant is most responsible, who cooked up a large part of the structural problems that Slovenia is facing today and is one of the biggest pests in modern political history.

DEMOKRACIJA: So, what awaits us in autumn? What will you do?

Primc: Local and presidential elections and several referendums await us. It is necessary to prepare well for everything and defeat left-wing parties and politicians. If the leftists accept changes to the Family Code, which will abolish the marriage of husband and wife, introduce adoption of children in homosexual relationships and provide a basis for teaching LGBTQ+ ideology in schools, we will start collecting signatures and carrying out activities for a new family referendum, and I am asking the readers already now to respond en masse to pre-referendum activities. In the party, we are intensively preparing for the local elections, so we have a very busy autumn ahead of us, which I am looking forward to. At the same time, I really hope that people will not just complain and get angry about Golob’s government but will join the activities and we will all make our contribution for a better and normal Slovenia.

DEMOKRACIJA: Given that you are on holiday at sea, I hope you are not being treated for covid-19. You know why I am being sarcastic?

Primc: Can I issue an invoice to Golob? Based on what he said, I expect he will be putting the sea on prescription before the end of the summer and reimbursing our family.


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