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Independent investigations of the media in Slovenia were also supported by Deputy Prime Ministers Počivalšek and Tonin

Zdravko Počivalšek and Matej Tonin. (Photo: STA)

By: Luka Perš/Nova24tv.si

Slovenian Deputy Prime Ministers Zdravko Počivalšek and Matej Tonin supported an independent media investigation in Slovenia. “I am joining the appeal. If they only have (dis)information from one side in Brussels, they cannot have a complete picture of the situation,” wrote Počivalšek. And Matej Tonin reminded that “only facts count, everything else is politicking.”

The mainstream media in Slovenia primarily belong to the left wing political pole, covering about ninety percent of the media space in Slovenia. And through the media, the political class of the left deals with Slovenia and takes care of its capital interests. Last March, the marionette government of Marjan Šarec fell, and after almost ten years, a political turnaround and shock occurred for the holders of the exclusive right to power.

The left has awaited the new government with all its alliances in international journalists’ associations. With a poorly prepared article of the Politico journalist Lili Bayer, some other influential European officials from the left followed.

Politico journalist Lili Bayer’s poorly prepared article was followed by some other influential European officials from the left. Thus, Guy Verhstead, a long-time leading European politician of the Liberals, Vera Jourova, vice-president of the European Commission, and Sophie in ‘t Veld, a Dutch MEP from the party in which former 24ur journalist Irena Joveva also holds the European parliamentary seat, have run aground. It is no different with Tanja Fajon, who admitted on the Tarča show that she spent hours with her political allies on the left after the publication of the article in Politico. Prior to entering politics, she was a long-time correspondent for RTV Slovenia in Brussels.

An independent investigation is in everyone’s interest – to dispel any doubts once and for all

After a series of criticisms of the government at home and abroad, the Prime Minister invited those responsible to Slovenia to take a week to look at the actual situation in the field of media and their freedom in Slovenia. Slovenian Deputy Prime Ministers Matej Tonin and Zdravko Počivalšek also joined the support for monitoring European observers via Twitter. The President of Nova Slovenija and the current Minister of Defence Matej Tonin wrote that the Vice President of the European Commission Vera Jourova and members of the European Parliament will find out the most if they send people to Slovenia to a so-called Fact-finding mission. Therefore, he proposes to the Prime Minister Janez Janša that the entire delegation be invited to Slovenia by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. “Only facts count, not politicking,” Tonin stressed.

The same was expressed by the president of the SMC party and the Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek. He himself experienced the power of the media first-hand when he was dragged through the mud by the mainstream media for several months about the purchase of emergency medical equipment. “If they only have (dis)information in Brussels from one side, they cannot have a complete picture of the situation,” wrote the president of the second largest coalition party.

The moves of the central Slovenian media in the service of the deep state are already boring and have been seen many times. We monitored the same scenarios from 2004 to 2008 and in 2012. It is time for the foreign and independent institution to put an end to the manipulations and prove what we have been repeating all along – the majority media is controlled by the transitional left on which the government of Janez Janša has no effect.

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