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Identity England: “The Great Replacement in its own right is a result of increasing globalization, economic integration and an unhealthy, left wing obsession with diversity.”

by A.S.

Identity England is an English identitarian organisation that opposes the great demographic replacement and globalization, and stands for the true interests of English, British and European peoples. We talked with its representatives about mass migrations, censorship which the identitarians are facing, recent U.S. elections, if the current British government truly is conservative, and about other topics.

Please give as an overview of your organization and its main principles and activities?

Identity England is a metapolitical organisation, seeking to affect political institutions from the outside and ultimately change the discourse on issues affecting English people and Europeans in general through non-violent activism. The organisation aims to introduce ideas and concepts inspired by the European New Right such as ethnopluralism and the right to difference. We intend to raise awareness on key issues (but not limited to) such as replacement migration, globalisation and islamization. In terms of activities, we pursue similar paths to our predecessors with publicity stunts, community outreach, and networking with other patriotic organisations and aim to be a focal point in forming stronger local communities.

The constant flow of migrants over the years has caused that Englishmen have become a minority in London and in a few other major cities. How has mass immigration changed the everyday life of the English people?

Mass immigration has changed the lives of ordinary English people indefinitely. As populations of those with non-English/ European origins continue to rise, more of their customs, views and very perception of the world takes greater hold. We have this term which is derived from “the Great Replacement” where small things that are not necessarily noticed until a significant time has passed are replaced. We call them “little replacements”. These can be our pubs, favorite small shops on the corner closing down and replaced with cheap takeaways and mosques, street signs in different languages etc. Entire areas that were once homogeneously English 50 years ago that are now minority English see a complete reflection of the migrant communities that now comprise it. To the English who can trace their family history hundreds of years on the same street now feel out of place and face a serious lack of social cohesion as a result of this demographic shift.

With this great replacement well under way, it is predicted that the English will become a minority in their own land in the next few decades. Tell us a bit about this and how do the ordinary English people accept that kind of future, and mass migrations?

The indigenous English population is set to become a minority around the 2060’s, possibly sooner. An Oxford study made by David Coleman confirms this trajectory. This is the center-point of the Great Replacement where an entire nation’s historical people and thousand-year-old ethno-culture is slowly replaced through a combination of mass immigration from the Third World and higher birthrates from those same migrants. The Great Replacement in its own right is a result of increasing globalization, economic integration and an unhealthy, left wing obsession with diversity. Our view is that the majority of the public are not aware of this phenomenon and/ or choose to ignore it. Those that raise awareness are quickly silenced and labelled as “conspiracy theorists” or “racist”, unless celebrate this situation as “progress” or “diversity”. Ordinary English people when asked on the topic of immigration have always been opposed to mass immigration. The Brexit referendum was the most recent indicator of opposition to mass immigration however national surveys from the 1950’s onward have also shown significant opposition to further immigration into our nations. Ultimately, there are not many options that normal people can take as you can lose your job for something you said on Twitter, or disagreeing with someone at work etc. Lastly, as long as people’s shopping carts are full and there is entertainment on TV, there will be unlikely much action and meaningful change.

 There has been many instances in England of so-called grooming gangs of foreigners who sexually exploit the English girls. Can you tell us something more about this and about relations between growing migration and crime statistics in general?

We have had increasingly high immigration from the former Commonwealth and Middle East who have a culture within their own communities that view women entirely differently than the average European. It is estimated that around 1 million English girls have been groomed and raped in the last 30 years by overwhelmingly Pakistani and non-European migrants. Men from these communities also view English women as “easy meat” and justify their behaviour through their own norms. This is essentially an imported issue. Where there is great overlap between native communities and immigrant communities, tensions can be high. We have had instances where older brothers and fathers would seek to stop these crimes from happening themselves and the police would step in and stop them as they were “disturbing the peace”. The police, security services and media work tirelessly to protect these groups in order to defuse any social tensions that may arise and deflect any negative sentiment toward these communities. All in the name of diversity. As the English slowly become a smaller part of the population and migrant populations grow, you can clearly see how these migrant communities are emboldened as they know they are a protected class. Even after terrorist attacks, the media quickly moves to make the terrorist a victim. Areas with a high concentration of immigrants or immigrant-descendants commit disproportionately higher levels of crime whether it’s “grooming” with Pakistani’s or knife crime with Africans.

 Do you work with any other group in the UK and are there any foreign groups that you cooperate with?

We are in contact with identitarian and other patriotic organisations here in the UK and abroad. We are certainly open to collaborating with other groups if we find it to be beneficial.

How would you assess the work of the current conservative government lead by Boris Johnson?

The current Conservative government led by Boris Johnson is no different from any of its predecessors. The party itself is conservative in name only and is very much working to facilitate the Great Replacement for its own ends. This current government has seen higher immigration into Britain than any other government and is unlikely to place any tangible controls in this area. Whilst the British people were in constrained in lockdown, the government did nothing to deter or remove illegal migrants on boats that arrived during this period, for example. We have no real idea of what kind of “Brexit” this government is looking to implement and it is unlikely to deviate far from the economic and political status quo.

The identitarian groups have faced harsh censorship on social networks and attacks from mass media in the last few years. What are the main reasons for this in your opinion?

Identitarians and any group that highlights demographic replacement has faced severe censorship on social media because the establishment does not want any meaningful debate around this issue. Groups that highlight the flaws of liberal democracies and dangers of multicultural societies will always face strong suppression from a state that aims to continue replacement migration. The state does not allow any true deviation from its own ideological constraints.

It seems Britain has some quite strict »hate speech« laws. Tell us a bit about this and did you ever had any trouble because of it?

Looking at our government and comparing them to others across Europe, we believe we have the most authoritarian government. Our governments have laws in place where even if you say something “offensive” in a public space or platform, you could face anything from suspension to fines to prison. We do not want to give the government any excuse to bring unnecessary charges against us. We have had plenty of circumstances in the past with censorship, shadow-banning, full bans, bank account terminations and surprisingly very few doxing situations but we predict these will be far more apparent in the future.

For the end, tell us how do you view the recent U.S. Elections? How will it affect the West in general?

The U.S elections are of significant metapolitical importance. If Trump wins, it will be seen as an enormous victory for patriots. We also hope he fights all aspects of encroaching Critical Race theory and social media censorship, something he has yet to address. He also believes in the end of lockdowns which for us, may pressure our own politicians to end lockdown, thus allowing us to get back on the street and continue to protest against the Great Replacement. If Biden wins, it is a complete victory for the Left and the mainstream political hegemony has been restored. We would see a broader definition of dissidence to include normal, traditional views and even greater suppression of these views. We would also see more intervention in the Middle East creating further instability and more pressure on Europe to accept migrants. In relation to Britain, a Biden government would seriously diminish any potential, meaningful Brexit deal. The US has an equally, if not worse, fractured nation and things would naturally escalate regardless with their own demographic problems. For the West and in particular Europe, neither outcome really has the true interests of Europe at heart.


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