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How Hamas-inspired student radicals and the FDV leadership lecture us on genocide, while the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs legitimises such positions

FDV (Photo: STA)

By: Gašper Blažič

The term “genocide” refers to any systematic destruction of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group with the intent to destroy that group wholly or partially. This definition closely aligns with the actions of the communist soldiery in 1945, which, on Slovenian soil alone, resulted in the deaths of approximately twenty thousand Slovenes that year, not including all communist killings before and after.

It is important to note that the total number of victims in 1945 on Slovenian soil was much higher if we consider the mass killings of members of other nations (Croats, Serbs, Montenegrins, Yugoslav Germans, etc.). And it was not just the killing of prisoners of war; civilians were also targeted, as confirmed by excavations at some communist killing sites. If so many people had not decided to flee Slovenia via Ljubelj to the Austrian side in May 1945, the number of victims would undoubtedly have been much higher. However, some prisoners from Vetrinj were deceitfully returned to Yugoslavia, thinking they were going to Italy. Therefore, at least for the year 1945, we can say that it was a genocidal year, as it involved the systematic destruction of a large part of the Slovenian nation, those who did not agree with the communist revolution.

These victims, as well as all those who were killed in communist massacres earlier and later, will be remembered with tomorrow’s commemoration at the Republic Square in Ljubljana. Let us remind you: last year, on this very occasion, Golob’s government cancelled the barely introduced memorial day for these victims.

Who is committing genocide? Hamas!

That is why it is all the more perverted how Hamas activists in the student benches and also the leadership of the FDV easily repeat the thesis that Israel is committing genocide, which is also the official position of majority Muslim countries that want to accuse Israel before the international court. Regardless of the high number of civilian casualties – although the numbers are lower than those stated by Hamas through its allies – these are primarily collateral victims of Hamas’ policies, as we have written about several times. Most of the time, civilians are sacrificed by Hamas as human shields in the Gaza Strip, and many times Hamas members kill them themselves.

Here is one of the proofs:

And what is dirtiest about this story is that the infrastructure of the United Nations (the premises of the UN Agency for Palestine) is also being used for the nefarious purposes of Hamas. The latter thus does not allow Palestinian civilians to get the necessary food. Which also explains why the death rate in Gaza is so high: many people die from not being able to retreat from Israeli rockets (because Hamas prevents them from doing so) or because Hamas kills them themselves, and many also die from lack of medical care, medicine, food, and water. It is no secret that terrorists also use hospitals as their infrastructure. Which only confirms the perfidy of Hamas itself, as well as the propaganda spread by its allies.

However, it is worth remembering some other facts. If Israel were to carry out a systematic genocide against the Palestinians, it would long ago have begun intensive ethnic cleansing of the entire West Bank area (including East Jerusalem). And not only Gaza, which is a small enclave in the southwest, once under the occupation of Egypt.

The virtual leftist reality or how the Israelis are exterminating the Palestinians en masse

Let’s see what the head of the Commissariat for the Holy Land, otherwise a great expert on the Middle East, Peter Lavrih said in an interview for Demokracija last year: “After the six-day June war in 1967, there was a new division among the Arabs themselves; the northern part of the Arabs, i.e. Galilee, accepted the state of Israel. They became equal citizens of the Jewish state, while the southern part, the West Bank and Gaza, received a new status after 1967, becoming the Palestinian territory, which also includes Jericho and Bethlehem. Gaza has distanced itself politically from this Arab world because it was ruled by Hamas, which is an extension of Iran, although they claim that they have nothing to do with Iran. The West Bank, Bethlehem and Jericho are governed by the Fatah movement, which split with Hamas. So, it is an internal split. Although the media still talks about all Arabs, this is not true. The Arabs of the northern part have their own parties in the Israeli government, there is even a mosque in the parliament for those of the Muslim faith.” Regarding the attitude of the Arab population (in the Bethlehem area), he said: “I once asked an Arab in Bethlehem what was happening in Gaza. He replied, ‘Ignore the fools’.”

You can read the interview in its entirety HERE.

Around the same time, theologian, journalist, and another great expert on the Middle East, Nejc Krevs, spoke in an interview for Domovina. He said: “Hamas is a criminal organisation that has exercised total control over Gaza since 2007. This means that there is a military dictatorship of Islamic extremists who have not heard of the call for democratic elections in the last fifteen years. 2.3 million people live in Gaza on 365 square kilometres. Most depend on humanitarian aid; they only have electricity for five hours a day. About 50 percent of the population is made up of children under 18 years of age. The situation is catastrophic and forces people to despair. This desperation breeds terrorism, terrorism is followed by a determined Israeli response, and so we spin in a vicious circle of bloodlust. Gaza is under a blockade, which is completed by Egypt in addition to Israel. It seems that the rest of the Arab powers in the region have always considered the Palestinians to be the first peasant who is always sacrificed on the geopolitical chessboard of the Middle East. Some Arab interests are good at abusing the Palestinian issue for their own capital and territorial appetite.”

Krevs warned even then that the two-state solution is a permanently dead project, and with the current war, the issue of Palestinian independence is also dying. More HERE.

By the way: Father Lavrih reminded that in 1967 Israel managed to seize the territory that had been held by Jordan since 1948, namely the area of the West Bank. This fact should be taken into account because it has been argued all along that Israel is appropriating something that was never its own. What is unusual is why then would other countries acknowledge Israel’s existing eastern border with Jordan if it does not recognise Israeli jurisdiction over the West Bank? For those who seek international recognition of Palestine, this is a very important question.

Unreliable foreign policy of Slovenia

But if we return to the question of genocide: in the event that FDV’s thesis holds, namely that systematic extermination is taking place in Gaza, weapons of mass destruction (biological and chemical weapons!) would have been used for this purpose, and the “Palestinian issue” would be very quickly (finally) resolved – if global leftists like to compare Israel’s actions to those of the Nazis and apparently understand Nazi terminology well.

Instead, leftist propagandists, in the face of a severe lack of evidence and intentional manipulation of emotions through distorted facts, spread falsehoods about genocide in Gaza. What is worse, however, is that the current Slovenian foreign policy, led by Tanja Fajon, is building its foundations precisely on the basis of this false propaganda, thus misleading the entire Slovenian public. While what is happening in Gaza is indeed a very serious tragedy, the blame for it lies primarily with Hamas. In this way, Slovenia is squandering its credibility in international politics.

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