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Hopeless no confidence vote

Dr Vinko Gorenak (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Dr. Vinko Gorenak

I admit, this article should be written in the future tense, because I started writing it yesterday, Sunday, February 14th, 2021, and I continued it today, February 15th, 2021, when the result of the vote on “hopeless no confidence vote” was not yet known. But I am writing the article in the past tense, because I will publish it immediately after the publicly known vote on “hopeless no confidence”. I have a good reason for doing so. Namely, I perform the duties of a state secretary in the office of the Prime Minister Janez Janša, and every public word I say about “hopeless no confidence vote” could be grossly abused and I do not want that.

No confidence motion of the government and the prime minister is a constitutional instrument that is something completely normal in any democracy. Why should it not be something normal in our country? All of this is something normal. But it is normal to do something else, first and foremost, to cast a vote of no confidence in parliament with the signatures of the majority of the members who decide. In our case, this means 46 signatures, which are a guarantee for the election of a new Prime Minister and a new government. But right now this is not what is happening. The KUL coalition, i.e. the coalition of the constitutional arc, is a coalition of left-right parties that form the government. This is also not the case here. Karl Erjavec, who was not even elected as an MP and had received less than 400 votes, is a candidate for prime minister. Understand whoever can. I cannot.

No, I wrote it wrong, I actually understand the situation. KUL, of course, is not a coalition of the constitutional arc. KUL is a coalition of the hopeless. Who is in KUL? LMŠ, SD, Levica, SAB, and DeSUS parties. I am sorry for my mistake again. DeSUS is not in KUL. So those who are in KUL quarrelled so much in January 2020 that their boss Marjan Šarec irrevocably threw in the towel. And these same people are supposed to understand each other so strongly and well today that they are offering themselves to us as a new alternative to the government of Janez Janša. No, only the most naïve can believe that.

Everyone in KUL is lying and playing dumb

The usual practice of forming any new government, even the one with a constructive no confidence vote, is somehow expected. The one with the most votes becomes the new prime minister. In our case, this is Marjan Šarec or Tanja Fajon. And here they have a problem. In KUL, they are proposing Karl Erjavec as the new prime minister, the president of a political party who is not even an MP at all and is promised to soon see an employment bureau because he cannot find a job. This is the self-humiliation of the participants in KUL. In any case, Šarec threw in the towel and admits that KUL does not want him as the new prime minister. It is even worse with Tanja Fajon. Why would she exchange 14,000 Brussels euros for 3,000 Slovenian euros? She is not that stupid.

Protests in front of the National Assembly

Today, after a long time, I was able to follow the protests against the Government of Janez Janša on the square in front of the National Assembly. From the second floor of the National Assembly I had a rough view at the number of protesters half an hour prior to the beginning of the protest, this only tells me one thing. About 40 cyclists and a maximum of about 60 protesters, and the rest were criminals in civilian clothes, police officers, journalists with microphones and cameramen with cameras. Thus, a good positive outlook for the future. People more or less started to see. But there will never be a shortage of radicals. Also a text message from a police officer, who was not in front of the National Assembly, but watched the events on TV. He wrote: “I am waiting at home and I hope they call us (meaning the police call a special police unit, my note) to dismantle this.”

Media activism

Of course, the media also carried out their political activism this morning. The uneducated but socially always privileged Grega Repovž, the editor of Mladina declared Erjavec and KUL as moral winners, regardless of the result of the vote, i.e. even if they fail miserably.

Dnevnik newspaper declared Ljudmila Novak, an NSI MEP, who is remembered in Slovenia only by those who have been following politics for a long time, to be the most politically recognisable and popular person, she even defeated Borut Pahor. Do you have a feeling that Dnevnik is lying to you? I know this to be true.

Reporter, a long-standing magazine that I deeply respected, which is now a pale shadow of what it used to be after it was sold to the criminal Odlazek, is proclaiming the President of the National Assembly Igor Zorčič as the saviour of Janez Janša, of course in a negative sense.

Odlazek’s Svet 24 news is also putting pressure on MPs from SMC party and Igor Zorčič.

Večer newspaper is either way a copy of Dnevnik in the evaluation of politics, they do everything that Dnevnik does. They also involve mayors in their left wing political interests, who are, of course, not the most sympathetic to SD politics.

And RTV television is sad, namely it is realising that “no confidence motion”, i.e. “hopeless no confidence motion”, does not have great potential.

Necenzurirano portal at the request of Odlazek, of course, summarises all the “sins” of Zdravko Počivalšek and is sensationally finding out that MP Jani Ivanuša was also in that inn. As if this was something special and as if this discovery was worth a Nobel Prize. Well, it is not. Coalition MPs and MPs who have signed a cooperation agreement with the government are always invited to every visit of every member of the coalition to each local environment. So they discovered hot water.

However, I am surprised by Delo newspaper. They published the results of a poll in favour of the SDS. I do not believe it was a conscious move. It was probably a mistake, a result of which will be a dismissal of one of the editors or at least journalists.

And the result of a vote of “hopeless no confidence”. I will write it down, for known reasons, according to officially known results. Only 40 MPs voted for the “hopeless no confidence motion” of Karl Erjavec against Janez Janša. It is quite clear to me who voted against (7) and who cast the invalid ballot (6). But I will not make my thoughts public because it could cause a storm in a teacup.

Tomorrow, February 16th, 2021, visiting Igor Pirkovič on TV SLO 3 for a show on how to move forward

Tomorrow, February 16th, 2021, I will be Igor Pirkovič’s guest on TV SLO3. The show will be filmed at 14:30. And it will air tomorrow, February 16th, in the evening, I do not know exactly when. The title of the show will be “how to move forward” and my interlocutor is supposed to be Andrej Pikalo from SD, if they do not change their minds in SD. We are supposed to talk about the situation after the “hopeless no confidence vote”.

Source: vinkogorenak.net

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