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Gregorič on the Vizjak affair: They wanted to overthrow the government, but they overthrew our health care system

By: Sara Rančigaj / Nova24tv

Physics professor and political commentator Dr Peter Gregorčič is observing that in Slovenia the media do not show the whole situation about the affairs that break out. And those who want to explain the whole picture, are soon the target of discrediting. “When I observe what is happening from afar, I somehow estimate that there are too many of these cases to be accidental,” Gregorčič noted. It is similar on the political stage, where the KUL parties want to overthrow the current government in every possible way. “They wanted to overthrow the government, but they overthrew our health care system,” Gregorčič explained.

Former judge Zvjezdan Radonjić and professor Dr Peter Gregorčič were guests in the Odkrito show. There they spoke about the current media and political situation. In one of the Odmevi shows, Gregorčič tried to shed light on events related to the Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning Andrej Vizjak and Bojan Petan, after which he noticed that some media did not want to shed light on the other side of the story. “It bothers me a lot that certain affairs are presented only one-dimensionally /…/ I obviously said something that is true,” said Gregorčič.

Everyone knows that this portal (Necenzurirano) is also connected to the media tycoon Martin Odlazek, but no one says that publicly. “I think that is exactly what happened, when I said this publicly and I said quite casually without paying special attention to it, this collective subconscious somehow came to light,” said Gregorčič, whom they wanted to discredit in public, nevertheless he hopes that people will dare to talk about it publicly.

Gregorčič is convinced that we should talk more in society and that we should not keep to ourselves the things we should say. “It is hard to live in error and it is hard to live in the truth that should be uttered,” he stressed. Radonjić also has a bad experience with discovering the truth, as was the case with Milko Novič. After he was no longer allowed to work as a judge, he wanted to continue his work as a lawyer, but due to discrediting he had to take the path of a self-employed person. “When I observe what is happening from afar, I somehow estimate that there are too many of these cases to still be accidental,” Gregorčič warned.

We are witnessing a media blockade of what may and may not be made public

Certain things indicate that orchestrated media murders are taking place in Slovenia. While people stand up for man, this is simply ignored by the media. “So, it is a kind of media blockade,” Gregorčič said. In his opinion, democracy would be in Slovenia only in the case when the public would be informed in such a way that all aspects of our reality, we live in would be presented. “But if we merely get selective information, then we cannot talk about free choice /…/ if a person gets the wrong information, they can make the wrong decision.”

Lately, society is becoming more and more polarised, where as a result we have no room for centrality. For example, when someone has their own opinion about something that is not in line with their bubble, it can happen to them that they become excluded, as the one who wants to be in the middle is attacked from both the right and the left. “In the last 20 years, a huge number of prosecutors and judges have left the ranks /…/ and those who show excessive morals have been forcibly removed,” Radonjić explained such activities in the judiciary.

An affair organised just before the election

Gregorčič is convinced that the Vizjak affair came to light after 14 years due to the upcoming elections, with which they wanted to tarnish the current coalition. “Vizjak’s problem was that the state had disclosed the law on environmental protection, which endangers Odlazek /…/ because if he loses the waste business, it is lookng bad for him,” he said, adding that there is money in this game and media position for information management.

Gregorčič has a feeling that the parties that lost power after a wrong assessment did everything they could to create the greatest possible appearance of disorder to the detriment of the people. “They wanted to overthrow the government, but they overthrew our health care system. Go to the hospitals and count how many free beds we still have, and you will see that they have done really well,” concluded Gregorčič.

You can watch the entire show here.


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