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Monday, December 4, 2023

Golob’s government will “fund” non-governmental organisations even more generously, but there will be no money for urgently needed projects

By: Peter Truden

“In the month of October, we foresee the publication of two important tenders that encourage: the integration of non-governmental organisations in the international space and partnership cooperation of non-governmental organisations in international projects and professionalisation in volunteer organisations,” the Ministry of Public Administration wrote on Twitter.

It is not known exactly what the tender should contain and how much it should cost. However, it is said that a lot of money will go from the taxpayer’s pocket again for the needs of non-governmental organisations – not all of them, of course, but those that are in favour of the government and have clear political goals.

Former Prime Minister Janez Janša has already warned that the new priorities in the budget will require the cancellation of urgently needed projects, given that Prime Minister Robert Golob is indebted to those who helped put him in power. “Dear taxpayers, look at where the government is spending YOUR money. They are practically taking it from the construction projects of homes for the elderly, kindergartens, schools, gyms, ring roads, anti-flood embankments… The parties Levica, SD, and Gibanje Svoboda pay cyclists with this,” he wrote on Twitter.



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