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Golobič’s tentacles completely wrapped around Damijan: Instead of a purse, he is accompanied by Stojan Pelko!

By: Domen Mezeg

That the KUL political project is operationally led by Gregor Golobič and his closest political associates – Bogdan Biščak and Stojan Pelko – is indicated by the data from Požareport, that Jože P. Damijan is accompanied by Pelko at political talks. The latter had previously played an important role in several parties of the left: he made sure that it was always on the right line of the SAB, after the 2018 elections he convinced Miro Cerar that the SMC entered the left coalition led by Marjan Šarc, which then failed. Damijan avoids answering the question of which deputies he has already managed to win over in order to overthrow the government with distrust and establish himself as the new prime minister: “For understandable reasons, I do not comment on any activities and the content of the talks until the end of this process. That is my answer to all the media.”

It is known that both Zdravko Počivalšek, the leader of the SMC party, and Matej Tonin, the champion of the NSi party, have recently refused an invitation to participate in a new “archery” society KUL (coalition of the constitutional arc), which is being established as an alternative to the current government of Janez Janša. The Marxist, who opposes the common currency of the euro, Jože P. Damijan, and who presents himself to the Slovenian public as a kind of rising star of the political left, has thus been left without two important parties, which will obviously not join his government experiment in which there are currently four left-wing opposition parties: SAB, Levica, SD and LMŠ. DeSUS is also on trial. Both the SMC and the NSi made it clear to Damijan that in a time of severe epidemics, there is no time for political replays, as the health and lives of people, as well as the Slovenian economy, are at stake. The self-proclaimed future prime minister has already rushed to claim for the marginal regime weekly Mladina that he already has 46 parliamentary votes, which is crucial for Janša’s overthrow and his replacement with himself. With such a large number of votes, it would be possible to implement a constructive vote of no confidence and establish a new government, reports Požareport.

Behind it all, of course, are the left-wing power centres of power, which, after losing their position by their loved ones, are in a kind of abstinence crisis. The central Slovenian media are also on their side, as their current business models are dramatically deteriorating. Namely, they sincerely hope that with the help of various financial funds, which are fed from the common state budget, the new left-wing government will come to their aid in a friendly way.

Golobič would be eaten the other parties on the left

At the same time, the question arose why Damijan does not replace Janša at once, if the conditions for the establishment of archery coalitions are met? The fact is that he does not really enjoy the necessary trust in his partners, whose cooperation has already been ensured. Among other things, Damijan is not shown by the failed Prime Minister Marjan Šarec, the champion of the LMŠ, who otherwise likes to beat the current government and Prime Minister Janša online. Namely, Šarec is afraid that once Damijan will be enthroned, there will be no more seats for him in this respectable (prime minister) position in the future. Namely, the position of the Prime Minister brings the use of privileges, security guards, small PR, etc. Due to all the above, it could very well happen that Damijan, despite other assurances, might well “nest” on Gregorčičeva Street and it would no longer be possible to drive him away because he would become a new favourite of the deep state.

Probably, a well-known uncle from the background, whose name is Gregor Golobič, would also form a new party for him. It is also known that Stojan Pelko, Golobič’s longtime loyal political companion, already accompanies Damijan at his political meetings with the leaders of other political parties, which could easily swallow prominent members of Šarec’s LMŠ such as Jani Möderndorfer or Brane Golubović. Such a situation, however, would lead to the rapid end of Šarec’s political career at the state level. Damijan has already assured that he is only in the role of a “bulldozer”, and that after the death of the “one-day fly” called KUL, he does not intend to continue his political career with a new political party. However, Šarec justifiably doubts his truthfulness. Damijan is no longer trusted even by the champion of the SD party, Tanja Fajon. In the case of the “archery” coalition, Fajon would have only one ministry left, probably the one for foreign affairs, which would mean her return from Brussels, where as an MEP she earns at least 15 thousand euros a month, while as a minister in Slovenia her salary would be five times lower. She is 2 and a half years away from the end of her European mandate. It is certainly not to be expected that she would just give up such money. And if she had already agreed to that, she would have had to work hard to deal with the epidemic and its consequences.

Friction between LMŠ and SD is not only taking place between the party champions Šarec and Fajon, but also in the swamps of the political intelligence underground

She herself ranks highest, that is, in the position of Prime Minister, so her alleged support for Damijan as the future “transitional” prime minister is not the most logical. Unless the lady has a problem with schizophrenia. At the top of the SD party, rumours are already spreading that it would be best to wait until the end of the current government’s regular term or wait for Janša’s coalition to cook itself in the current corona crisis, when it is forced to fight the new coronavirus epidemic. The struggle for supremacy between LMŠ and SD is not only between Šarec and Fajon, but also on a subtler political-intelligence level. It is a fight between Damir Črnčec (LMŠ) and Sebastjan Selan, the latter is also known as Fajon’s personal adviser. Both Črnčec and Selan are former directors of Sova. Črnčec is said to have made an effort to penetrate the circle of Golobič’s people, but he does not trust him. It is also known that Selan is stronger in business, especially in connection with Bojan Petan, who has the DZS and Dnevnik under him and has ties to the “old Udba* leftists” (*Udba = State Security Administration of former communistic regime). As it has already been established, Selan is also the “instructor” of SD MP Matjaž Nemec, who is the president of Knovs.

Former journalist of the newspapers Delo and Dnevnik Dejan Karba, who is currently also a political operative of Nemec’s party, is also in charge of advising Nemec. Črnčec is otherwise known as someone who allegedly imported members of the extreme left-wing Antifa from abroad to the Ljubljana protests. In this whole game, there is also a real veteran among the uncles from the background – Drago Kos, otherwise also known as a criminalist and former president of the CCP. It is said about Kos that he wants a “royal” position among uncles from the background. Damijan and Golobič found a common ground, but Kos has certain advantages. It is known, for example, that he has a key influence on PRO PLUS, i.e. POP TV and Kanal A, through his wife Tjaša Slokar Kos, who is also the director of both channels. In addition, Kos also has excellent connections in the police force, and in the police ranks, at least among senior police officers, the former CCP president is said to symbolize and enjoy “divine” authority. Kos is also said to have good ties to DeSuS. However, it is true that Golobič is ahead of him with his access to large financial resources. Kos is also famous for not liking him too much on the left, as he arouses fear and trepidation among leftists.

As in some romantic Sicilian mafia story: Love does not end with money and politics, Drago Kos was also the wedding witness of Damjan’s wife

It is difficult to say anything good about Damjan, who has been reported many times. In the past, he declared himself a “young economist”, an advocate of “neoliberal” economic ideas, among which he also advocated a single tax rate for the taxation of gross wages. He therefore sought to relieve the most productive part of society. Damjan, meanwhile, switched sides, moving to the side of economic networks intertwined with the politics of the transitional left. Now they want to bring him to power in order to ensure their continued existence through state affairs and to kill the rest of the economy with high taxes. What an economist he really is, he has shown in the past with his view of the common European currency, which he sees as fascist and which should be abolished. “The euro is fascist in coercion/need to implement it. The euro is the original sin of all the problems of the European Union,” he said. His talent was recently announced by the American Bloomberg. In the past, he tested himself as a candidate for the governor of the Bank of Slovenia, but he failed miserably.

The problematic “expert” in economics was also touched upon by the American media giant Bloomberg. He problematised the fact that anyone in Slovenia can apply for the position of Governor of the Bank of Slovenia. However, as they wisely found out, Damjan can only harm his home environment with his ideas, while his cosmopolitan ideas about the end of the euro as a common currency would look like Don Quixote’s fight with windmills. In Bloomberg, they did not forget to mention Damjan’s problems with buying French francs, with which he dug his own financial hole.

Damjan, therefore, as an expert, could advise at most some Marxist “economic miracle” such as Venezuela or North Korea. It is interesting, however, a little more “yellow” information that Kos was also the wedding witness of Damijan’s wife. Close political and economic ties, therefore, in the Balkan or Sicilian mafia style, are also intertwined with family ties. We also turned to Damijan himself with a journalistic question. We were interested in whether he could name the votes of the deputies, to which he replied: “For understandable reasons, I do not comment on any activities and the content of the talks until the end of this process. That is my answer to all the media.”


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