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Freelancers over the rule of law and two excellent experts


By Sara Kovač (Nova24tv.si)

“The government is marching on practically all institutions in the country. Many great individuals were put on a pillar of shame because someone thought that if he won, he could afford everything,” commented MP Anže Logar on the personnel tsunami of the new government. At today’s extraordinary session, the MPs recalled Božo Emeršič and Leon Cizelj from the supervisory board of the Slovenian State Holding (SDH) at the proposal of the government.

A precedent was set today at the session of the Mandate Electoral Commission in the National Assembly, which will have far-reaching consequences for the rule of law and corporate governance of state-owned companies. Namely, the voting machine of the majority recalled two excellent experts from the supervisory board of the Slovenian State Holding, completely contrary to regulations and even false statements. It seems that the freelancers are not aware of the consequences of the violations if the victims seek justice in court and win. Which is pretty likely.

According to the government, the coalition claims that Božo Emeršič does not meet the condition from the SSH law, according to which a member of the holding’s supervisory board may not be in a business relationship with a company with a state capital investment or a related company. According to Janja Sluga, Chair of the Mandate Electoral Commission, Leon Cizelj did not meet the requirements of the law at the time of his appointment, which stipulates that a member of the SSH Supervisory Board must have at least 10 years of relevant work experience in running or managing companies, and achieves good, comparable results in the work. Which, of course, is a lie, as Cizelj has proven that he has been running his company for more than 10 years.

Svoboda proved to be the tyranny of the majority

Opposition NSi and SDS strongly opposed the recall of supervisors. “It took only three weeks for Svoboda to turn out to be something completely different than it had been announced. Instead of freedom, we have lists of civil servants to be fire,” said Janez Cigler Kralj, leader of the NSi parliamentary group. As he added, instead of professional criteria, we have such recalls as we are witnessing today. “People are becoming afraid for their jobs, for whether they will be able to survive their families, relatives, themselves,” he said.

Anže Logar from the SDS is “extremely sad” about what has been happening lately. He estimated that the government is carrying out a march against practically all institutions in the country. “Many great individuals have been put on a pillar of shame because someone thought that if they won, they could afford everything,” he said.

At an extraordinary session, the National Assembly also followed the resolutions of the Mandate-Election Commission and dismissed Romana Jordan from the position of President of the Energy Agency Council, appointing Franc Žlahtič in her place. Istok Prodana and Mirjana Rozman were also appointed members of the board of the Public Agency for the Protection of Competition.

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