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Dr Boštjan M. Turk: “This is what happens when a civilisation starts losing its momentum and is no longer capable of integrating everyone who comes!”

By: Tanja Brkić (Nova24tv.si)

Dr Boštjan M. Turk, who spent his years of study in France and has been closely monitoring the events there for many years, said, “What is happening in France is just the beginning. In the next phase, the military will be called in.” He blames French President Emmanuel Macron for the current state of affairs and believes that Macron should resign. He also comments on the future of France after the current largest wave of violence since World War II.

A new report from the French Ministry of the Interior has assessed the damage caused after nearly a week of violent protests that engulfed France. According to French media reports, there were 5,662 vehicle fires and over 1,000 damaged buildings recorded. The police arrested 3,354 individuals, including 1,282 in the Paris subway area alone. According to Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, more than half of those arrested had no criminal record and were unknown to the police. The average age of the arrested individuals was 17.

Dr Boštjan M. Turk does not see the situation in France as merely a “clash” but believes that a civil war is unfolding before our eyes in France as a result of the mistakes that France has made since the time of French officer and statesman Charles De Gaulle. During that time, the authority of police officers, priests, teachers, and others still held significance, and these positions were respected. “During the time of De Gaulle, or when France was still normal, no one would have thought of endangering or harming a police officer, as they would have immediately ended up in prison for 10 years,” he firmly believes.

Reasons for the unrest: Society’s inability to integrate newcomers

“This is what happens when a civilisation starts losing its momentum and is no longer capable of integrating everyone who comes,” said Boštjan M. Turk, who carefully monitors the events in France, where not only protests are taking place, but an actual civil war is occurring. According to him, he is not the first nor the last to realise that a civil war is an inevitable state resulting from the mistakes made since De Gaulle’s time. In his opinion, it is necessary to recognise that the police officer is not at fault. He explains that a new video has emerged in which it is heard that the officer asked the 17-year-old to turn off the engine, and there was nothing indicating that the officer wanted to shoot. The next question that arises from this incident is, “What is going on in the mind of a person who, despite being clearly targeted with a gun because they were involved in some kind of accident or threat and the police had a reason to pursue, still continues to drive forward to run over the police officer?” He wonders if the young man was under the influence of drugs or not, but the fact remains that the police officer no longer represents any authority.

The politics of undermining authority

“This politics of undermining authority has been here since 1968 – that a police officer no longer has authority, a priest no longer has authority, a teacher no longer has authority, and then the hidden centres took control of all this. That would have been impossible during De Gaulle’s time,” said Dr. Turk. He added that “today in France, 100 police officers are injured per night. During De Gaulle’s time, or when France was still normal, no one would have thought of endangering or harming a police officer, as they would have immediately ended up in prison. Some people will undoubtedly experience this, and Western civilisation has come to an end.”

Dr Turk: The West has learned nothing, the media sides with criminals

Regarding the future developments in France, according to Dr Turk, it is difficult to predict anything specific. He believes that probably nothing will change, but violence will undoubtedly explode again, and its impact will be felt everywhere. He emphasises that France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, especially Paris, which is now the epicentre of all the violence. “But the West has learned nothing. If we look at the mainstream media, we can see that they are not providing accurate information. What these young people are doing is plain criminal behaviour, and all their actions are punishable under the criminal law. Yet, the media are somehow siding with them, which is incredible. These people live in their own world, and all of this is driven by the drug trade,” he said. He also highlighted that France is the third most powerful economic branch for domestic consumption, energy, and then drugs. One can imagine what that means.

Macron should resign

According to Dr Turk, French President Emmanuel Macron is absolutely responsible for the current situation and should resign. “France has not seen this level of violence since World War II. What happened in 2005 is incomparable to this. In the next phase, the military will be called in, if not in the current cycle of events, then in the next one, which is practically around the corner,” he explained.

We should stop all migration

“The French people elected Macron, and he was elected primarily by representatives of the ‘68 generation because Macron provides them with a certain basic security and privileged position, incomparable to that of the new generations. Macron received significant support from the French, which is now irreversible. However, now we should stop all migration,” he explained. Furthermore, he elaborated on how migration actually looks like and that it is not just about “accepting migrants”, but the entire process of enabling their arrival from the Mediterranean to Paris, where they end up in the capital city without any knowledge of the language or culture. “And then they are thrown onto the streets, and the state no longer cares about them. These people sell drugs for survival, which becomes a reflexive activity. They import people and then simply let them loose on the streets, and nobody cares anymore,” he said. He added a shocking fact that France accepts around 200,000 migrants every year, which amounts to 4 million in 20 years. He believes that France should absolutely surpass this number, as it has lost the power of integration, and a similar future awaits Germany, which, unlike France, does not have ghettos, and few people in Germany do not speak German or are unemployed.

This scenario could repeat in our country under this government

A few years ago, similar protests erupted in the United States, specifically following the death of George Floyd. The mainstream media blamed the police officer and spun the narrative towards racism, claiming that the shooting by the police officer was intentional, while concealing the information that the officer was doing his job when Floyd attempted to rob a store (for which he was reported, leading to police intervention). Self-proclaimed marginalised groups and organisations supporting the leftist and woke agenda wanted to manipulate the story to their advantage with the help of the mainstream media, who concealed the true information. We are witnessing a similar pattern now in France. The media writes about police brutality, but no one discusses the reasons why the police appeared there and that they were carrying out their duties. They also do not mention that the young man is a known troublemaker to the police and has previously endangered the lives of others. Dr Turk agrees that there are parallels between the story in the United States and the current situation in France and wonders if certain organisations might be organising all of this to their benefit. “It is possible that it was all organised, just like it was organised by Brussels. It is an irreversible change in the last ten years. Whether a corrective exam will be possible, we do not know, but we are threatened with an economic catastrophe. This scenario will then appear everywhere, including in Slovenia, especially with this government that simply lets migrants in,” he said.

Dr Turk also mentioned Cardinal Robert Sarah from New Guinea. According to Dr Turk, Sarah is the most influential figure in the Vatican at the moment, as he is the only one from the Vatican who boldly advocates for common sense and comments on the happenings in the West, which no one else in the Vatican dares to do. According to Dr Turk, Sarah also emphasises another aspect of migration, namely that the best, strongest, and most intelligent individuals are leaving African communities, which means that no one remains there to organise life in Africa. “And if all such individuals leave Slovenia, who will then organise life here?” Dr Turk wonders.


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