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Details about STA’s business are coming to light!

By: Sara Rančigaj /Nova24tv

Yesterday STA celebrated its 30th anniversary, which they will hardly be proud of, as they do not want to cooperate in the dispute with the Government Communication Office, as would be fair. Instead of revealing suspicious deals, they preferred to turn to street supporters and citizens, and Veselinovič surprisingly managed to keep doing business, which is commendable. The document, which appeared online, reveals what UKOM director Uroš Urbanija has already revealed in the past, as well as what kind of director Veselinovič really is. “He is calculating, insidious and vindictive, which is why most employees are afraid of him in this case. However, he still has a good support, as more than half of the employees openly hate the current government,” they explained.

Yesterday, the Slovenian News Agency celebrated its 30th anniversary, but due to its irresponsible activities, it has still not settled its contractual relationship with the Communication Office. It is currently resolving its story with the help of donations, which is obviously easier than revealing the truth about its business.

A document has appeared on the Internet revealing the allegations against the work of the STA, and the suspicions of these have already been partially revealed by the director of UKOM, Uroš Urbanija. The facts supposedly came first-hand from the STA, and more will be revealed to law enforcement in the future by their chief accountant.

As Urbanija pointed out in the past, STA director Bojan Veselinovič has had a compensation contract with Dnevnik since taking office. In the usual conditions for access to STA content, Dnevnik would have to pay somewhere between three thousand and four thousand euros a month, but due to the agreement with Veselinović, they did not pay anything. Urbanija was sharp against the latter, as he does not see the point of exhausting the company at the expense of pointless advertising of STA in Dnevnik. Veselinovič allegedly did all this in return for Bojan Petan, who gave Veselinovič a job as editor of the internal editorial board, when he was fired from RTV for cheating with travel expenses and other irregularities. Veselinovič has been on the STA throne for twelve years, but it seems that there is no interest in changes within the agency, as the existing system is well oiled.

Veselinovič uses all the levers to guide employees well

According to the document, Veselinovič supposedly rules with an authoritarian style at the agency, and through his elected officials he controls the trade union in the company, whom he rewards well and also pays the rewards to himself. They reveal that he is “calculating, insidious and vindictive”, which is why most employees are afraid of him in this case. “However, he still has a good support, as more than half of the employees openly hate the current government,” they explained.

On the other hand, he has a very good editor who knows how to work with people, is popular and stands by his side. Editors receive special instructions from Veselinovič on how to write about a certain topic, but so far no one has exposed themselves as Borut Meško, who spoke publicly about Veselinovič’s pressures.

According to the document, STA does not treat all companies equally or even “racketeers” them. None of these companies receive or request information about the reach of the online ads they pay for. Most of them are in the locked part (for example Loto) and rotate when the page is refreshed. Among the “open” companies, for example, there are ads for various events, Huawei and Mercator. We also forwarded the mentioned statements to STA and asked if they were true. When we receive a response, we will also publish it.


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