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Dejan Židan praises German anti-corona measures, while his Social Democrats have ruined the efforts of the Slovenian government

Dejan Židan (Photo: STA)

By: Sara Bertoncelj /Nova24tv

SD MP Dejan Židan praises on Twitter the way anti-corona measures are being implemented in Germany, while his Social Democrats are one of the most vocal opponents of anti-corona measures, even though they are almost identical measures. In the moments when they would contribute the most to Slovenian society with their statehood, they prefer to fight their eternal political struggle, in the desire to return to power and maintain their position “on the gravy train”.

What he notices as a tourist in Berlin was stated by SD party MP Dejan Židan: “Free rapid testing for locals without queues is possible at every step, only FFP-2 masks are used indoors, outside without masks, when it is not possible to maintain recommended distances between people, masks are used and people are very careful about the distance between them,” he wrote. He went on to write that in many enclosed spaces they like to boast that they have a refurbished ventilation system that replaces the air several times an hour. Strict entry control into some enclosed spaces. Fulfilment of the PCT condition as well as tracking (computer programme or completed form). He stressed that there is no division among people who are vaccinated and those who oppose vaccination. “Compared to Slovenia, this is not an important topic in mutual talks,” Židan said.

All these findings are commendable from the point of view of anti-corona measures, but such statements by Židan are quite sacred. Namely, the SD party was constantly opposed to the measures, which in the end certainly resulted in lost lives, great economic damage and avoidance of vaccination.

At the time of the worst epidemic, they called for protests and called for schools without masks

“Dear, I hope that you will pass on your experience from Berlin to your party colleagues, so that they will not request a school without masks or without PCT conditions when the schools open,” Židan was warned by one of the users of the social network. It should be reminded that last year the SD party had the loudest defenders of the school without masks, joined by the trade unionist Branimir Štrukelj, and then all of them miraculously turned the tables at the sudden increase in infections and the closure of schools.

Most of all, we will remember the mass anti-government protests that were publicly called for by the Social Democrats. Židan was not seen at them, but they were regularly attended by all other prominent members of this party: President Tanja Fajon, MP Matjaž Nemec, Marko Koprivc and experts Jernej Štromajer, Uroš Jauševec and others.

How many consequent deaths of irresponsible behaviour were caused by the Social Democrats together with the other opposition parties with this kind of “disobedience” can only be guessed, but certainly their responsibility is not negligible. It is also worth noting that while the SD militantly demolished all efforts to resolve the health crisis, their German counterparts (SPD), who by the way managed to form a grand coalition with the CDU-CSU parties, proactively tackled the epidemic and now even support the abolition of free testing, as free vaccines are available. It is not to be expected that the Slovene Socialists will ever make a similar move.

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