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Deep state of attack: At 24ur, they refer to the information of the fraudulent Bosniak journalist Avdić, who is the editor of the portal, where the editor of POP TV Tjaša Slokar Kos is mentioned as the first collaborator!

By: Luka Perš

We present to you a Bosnian journalist of Bosniak origin Avdo Avdić. In recent days, he has been sending bombastic articles to Slovenia about a friend of Prime Minister Janez Janša, Rok Snežič. However, his image in the Bosnian public has often been tarnished, what was also pointed out by a Balkan expert Darko Mršić. “How do Tanja Fajon and a Bosniak criminal SDA go hand in hand? A collaborator of Muslim para-intelligence officers is preparing an article that demolishes a prosecutor G. Tadić (who fears for her life in BaH) for the needs of the SDA, and for the needs of Tanja Fajon a little bit about Janša can be written,” wrote Mršić.

Avdo Avdič is a notorious journalist who likes to presents himself as an independent investigative journalist in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But his media Istraga is really just a branch of the Bosnian intelligence service OSE. In the past, the Bosnian media proved with pictures that Avdić and OSE director Osman Mehmedagić participated in the construction of scandals. In the past, it was reported via Avdić’s Istraga media that anyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina who reported or filed criminal charges against OSE officials would be hit by the OSE pogrom. The reason for this act was an anonymous criminal complaint filed against the director of OSE Mehmedagić.

As early as 2018, the Bosnian media Dnevno.hr revealed that Avdić had fabricated an affair about the Chief Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gordana Tadić. Avdić was in a long-term relationship with Sarajevo’s chief prosecutor, Dalida Burzić, and wrote a hateful article after their break up. As Bosnian journalist colleagues reported in Dnevno, Avdič and Burzić, among other things, were known for drinking spirits in Sarajevo bars. They also assumed that they were both cocaine users.

Avdo Avdić defends Bosniak crimes, therefore, he wants to destroy the work of state prosecutor Gordana Tadić

Avdić uses similar tactics of the victim as journalists in the main Slovenian media. The Bosniak “commissioned journalist” likes to explain in the company that they wanted to rape and beat him, but no one would ever touch him. His character was quickly recognised on BaH national television and he was quickly fired. Avdić is the main defender of the Bosniak and the Bosniak party SDA. He reports on them beautifully and without critical distance. In the past, the Slovenian authorities expelled two Salafists from Slovenia. Both were defended by Avdić.

Avdić’s journalistic image is not as innocent as it is often portrayed in the Slovenian dominant media. Former SD member Darko Mršič revealed the truth online. The content of today’s article on 24ur against Rok Snežič is not a coincidence. It quickly becomes clear that SD president Tanja Fajon was among the first to appear online. In the tweet, she wrote that Avdić revealed the silence of state prosecutor Gordana Tadić while revealing the criminal fraud of “Janez Janša’s associates – residents of Banja Luka, who participated in the network of money launderers of Miran Vuk and Rok Snežič.” In the past, we have repeatedly reported in our media on the critical reactions of the Serbian media, which revealed the duplicitous nature of Fajon.

Mršič exposes Avdić that with most of the stories lately, he wants to destroy the reputation of the prosecutor’s office in BaH and the chief prosecutor Gordana Tadić. In the background there are the interests of influential Bosniaks to take control of the judiciary in BaH. Avdić is a central media lawyer and defender of Bosniak crimes in BaH.

State Prosecutor Tadić fears for her life because of the revelation of Bosniak crimes that Avdić wants to cover up!

The very prosecutor’s office led by Gordana Tadić is compiling indictments for the Mujahedin’s war crimes, fake diplomas of influential Bosniak politicians and the Golden Raspberry affair. Given that the media servants of the deep state like to accuse alternative media of insulting the national origin of public figures, we should ask Avdić the same question.

According to Mrščič, one of the reasons is Acdić’s media slander of the Prosecutor Tadić, that she is of Croatian origin. Namely, Tadić is the last obstacle for Bosniaks to have control over the Bosnian judiciary. In the past, Avdić played one of the central roles in the “Mechanic Davor” affair and “Selefije” was questioned by the prosecutor’s office in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019 due to his allegations.

The expert on the situation in the Balkans points out that Tadić said publicly that “she no longer feels safe in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina because of Avdić.” The situation in Bosnia is very serious, as the President of the High Judicial Prosecutorial Council (VSTV), Milan Tageltija, recently resigned. Only he stated that he did not want to end up like Jozo Leutar. Leutar was assassinated in March 1999 because he began investigating mujahedin crimes.

POP TV editor Tjaša Slokar Kos also participates in the Balkan “investigative-journalistic” alliance


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