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Crazy: Is the government now being led by the general secretaries of coalition parties? Vesna Vuković has been a guest in the prime minister’s office four times in two weeks

By: V. K., G. B.

Following Klemen Žibert, the now former general secretary of the Social Democrats (SD) party, who was criticised by the Golob’s for allegedly unjustifiably interfering in the management of the Ministry of Justice, we now have a new gem. Well, she is actually quite an old acquaintance.

According to this logic, Vesna Vuković, a former journalist (allegedly without the appropriate education) and then financially rewarded by Golob, the chosen one for the general secretary of the Freedom Movement party, is also meddling in the leadership of the government. It has been communicated to us from the Prime Minister’s office that Vuković regularly attends meetings of the leaders of coalition parties (Freedom Movement, SD, and Levica). Furthermore, she regularly attends meetings of the general secretaries of all three coalition parties, as well as meetings of ministers from the Freedom Movement quota.

Vuković has visited the Prime Minister’s office in the last 14 days on February 5th, 7th, 14th, and 15th. Data for the period before that is not disclosed. These details alone reveal a lot about the influence of the so-called party secretaries. The only person so influential until now was Gregor Golobič when he was the general secretary of LDS during the time of Janez Drnovšek. Golobič is said to have advised Prime Minister Robert Golob to distance himself from Vuković. However, she is too important of an operative for Golob, and due to her almost fanatical anti-Janša stance, she has become too dangerous and unpredictable for the “uncles”.

Interestingly, from the website of the third coalition party, i.e., Levica, it is not apparent who the members of the leadership bodies of the party are, let alone who their general secretary is. The party officially does not have a president but rather a coordinator.

From the above and the accusations made by Klemen Žibert (SD), it can be concluded that the general secretaries of the parties are leading this government. We have come a long way, indeed. Poor Slovenia.


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