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At RTV, things are already “happening”: they are placing left-wing ‘activists’ in key programme positions

By: e-Maribor

RTV Slovenia is returning to the days of socialism, and journalists will soon be nothing more than socio-political workers? This could describe the current state of our national television in simple terms.

Golob’s RTV law has brought left-wing absurdity to our national broadcaster, under the guise of NGOs, politics has withdrawn from RTV, but in fact, it has settled in there, an extremely left-wing radical decision-making group of individuals?

And since RTV needs new heads for radio, television, and the online portal, those who were the most vocal opponents during the time of Janez Janša’s government are coming to the forefront. As Marcel Štefančič would say, there will soon be ‘f***ing’ more of those ‘leftists’ at RTV. As reported by the Požar report portal, they will soon appoint Tatjana Pirc, a long-time radio journalist in the news programme and a prominent member of various leadership positions in the Association of Journalists of Slovenia, where activists have become completely radicalised on the left.

In addition to Pirc, Ksenija Horvat is coming to the helm of TV Slovenia, and Kaja Jakopič is taking over MMC. The main (strictest) criterion, or condition for director positions in the public media, is holding banners against Andrej Grah Whatmough, Uroš Urbanija, and preferably also against Janša.

Viewers, for whom the national television was set up in the first place, seem to be getting the short end of the stick again. As it sounds, they may also give up on folk music. This year, they did not record the famous Ptuj Festival of Folk Music, they abolished the polka valček festival, and it seems they will also cancel the Friday evening show.

When asked about whether this will really happen, the responsible editor of the entertainment programme on TV Slovenia, Vanja Vardjan, does not respond.


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