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Analysts: The current government is so bad that the support of Golob and Fajon to Nataša Pirc Musar is like Jude’s kiss

By: Gal Kovač /Nova24tv.si

The first analyses after the votes have been counted clearly indicate the severe electoral defeat of the ruling coalition. Political analysis professor Dr Matevž Tomšič and vice-dean of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts Dr Boštjan M. Turk unanimously commented that the voters expressed a vote of no confidence to the government of Robert Golob. Both are also of the opinion that the left will now close ranks. Tomšič emphasised that the left-wing media will change their tactics and stand behind Nataša Pirc Musar, Dr Turk, however, said that the support of Golob and Fajon, if it comes to that, will be Jude’s kiss.

Both candidates also expressed their surprise at the extremely poor result of the Levica party. Its candidate, the radical Miha Kordiš, received only 2.8 percent of the vote, which is already the second electoral defeat of the extremists, after the parliamentary elections. The result of Vladimir Prebilič, who received a little over ten and a half percent of the votes, is also surprising.

Sociologist Dr Matevž Tomšič was not surprised by the result of the election and said that the election result went as expected. Regarding the election result, Brglez notes that it is not only his defeat, but also the defeat of the government: “The biggest loser, of course, is Milan Brglez. The fact that a candidate supported by the two largest government parties does not make it to the second round is very bad. He is not the only loser here, but Robert Golob and Tanja Fajon, the presidents of the parties who nominated Brglez, are also losers.” Regarding Brglez, he explains that he was obviously a very bad choice. Mistakes were made at the very beginning of the campaign because he got involved too late, and he also did not act charismatically and convincingly in the confrontations. He specifically pointed out that Brglez has certain views that are radical by any standards. “It is an unfortunate combination of radical positions and unconvincing rhetoric,” he concluded.

A bad result for the government

The defeat of Miha Kordiš must also be added to Brglez’s defeat. “Speaking of surprises, the biggest surprise is certainly the result of Miha Kordiš,” he said and continued that this is definitely not a good result or message for the government.

The media will now change tactics!

Tomšič believes that the left-wing media, which until now attacked the candidate Nataša Pirc Musar, will now stand behind her. “I am talking specifically about the media, which are part of the network of tycoon Martin Odlazek, as well as some others. I am sure that now all the criticisms they had against Pirc Musar will be immediately forgotten and they will start announcing her as the more suitable candidate.”

It is a very clear vote of no confidence to the government

Dr Boštjan M. Turk, however, believes that it is a clear vote of no confidence to the government. “We live in a country where everything is 15 percent more expensive since the election, with the prospect that the price increases will continue. The government has proven to be completely incapable of regulating anything. The media on the left, which act as the spokesperson of the ruling coalition, “cover” this. Voters punished the government because it is incapable of punishing any life problems of Slovenian men and women. The best parable for Slovenia at the moment is the Istrian border village of Movraž, which voted convincingly for Golob in the elections, but is now facing an influx of migrants, which the government of Robert Golob has attracted with its measures.”

Golob’s support is Jude’s kiss!

According to Turk’s explanation, the voters, after voting again for a “new face” in the elections, are now in a phase of the so-called rejection of a lover or the new face of Robert Golob. He said that it is a tragic turn of events for a Slovenian voter, who foresaw that he was once again led across the water thirsty. Because of this, he claims that Kučan did not have a very big influence on the result, but that the latter will not let the fact that he was the one who supported her taken away from him.

In this dynamic, the support of Robert Golob and his Deputy Prime Minister Tanja Fajon for Pirc Musar will act as Jude’s kiss or the kiss of death, Turk was clear, but he was not sure if Pirc Musar is reasonable enough to understand this. Otherwise, according to Turk, the saga with new faces is clearly not over yet. Vladimir Prebilič won 10 percent because people recognised him as a “new face”, even though he took advantage of the presidential campaign mainly because of the upcoming local elections.”

Logar is rhetorically and visually the best

According to the professor, Logar performed best in the first round. “Logar was the best rhetorically and visually. The camera just loves him, he is extremely good at it. He was also extremely good at avoiding conflict, which was why they could not blame him for anything. Now they will try to brutally attack him, but even that will be a hopeless attempt, because the people have already made up their minds,” said Dr Turk.


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