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An “unholy” foot stepped on the “holy” ground of the public RTV Slovenia – Left-wing activists in “panic”

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

“We have just sent an initiative to AKOS for inspection control in the case of the programme Interview, in which the guest Boris Tomašič and the host Jože Možina appeared. In our opinion, both violated Slovenian media legislation. In the show, the participants renew the conversation that AKOS previously characterised as a violation of Slovenian media legislation,” wrote left-wing activist Domen Savič. Commentator Iršič did not remain indebted to him: “They talked about the conversation, they did not ‘renew’ the conversation. AKOS did not decide – nor does it have the authority to do so – to ban general discourse on any topic, because that would be really damn Yugoslav.”

A few days ago, a tragedy happened for the ruling elite and its (budgetary) appendages: an “unholy” foot stepped on the “holy” ground of the public RTV Slovenia. In the show Interview, journalist Jože Možina hosted the director of Nova24TV and the host of the show Kdo vam laže? Boris Tomašič. With this, the social taboo was broken – that the media (even public ones) are reserved mainly for the first-class “caste”, which is the only one “anointed” to inform the public.

All this hysteria, wrapped in cellophane of the “fight against hate speech”, etc., in fact confirms that some members of the “lower classes” do not have access to RTV Slovenia and that the celebrated “equality” is just a farce. Parable: The fact is that chemotherapy is not the most pleasant thing. In order to get rid of the malignant tumour that manifests itself in our society through class arrogance and a sense of superiority (biblically: “complex of the chosen people”), we occasionally need something as healing and powerful as Tomašič’s performance in the show Interview

The stormy response both in the media and on social networks shows that the event has hit a nerve point in the social subconscious. Perhaps we will just slowly give up “apartheid” when entry to public RTVS is self-evident, for example in the case of Mladina columnist Vlad Miheljak or Delo journalist Janez Markeš, but not Tomašič. We know if we want to. When we accept this as natural and self-evident, we will finally be able to say that we have survived feudalism and that we live in a more equal society in which a different opinion is welcome.

Intimidation and rehabilitation of the notorious verbal delict from Yugoslavia

The nervousness of people like Domen Savić shows that we are not there yet. His report to AKOS is otherwise a typical intimidation tactic. As if a certain topic should not be discussed at all. It smells of Article 133 of the Criminal Code of the SFRY – verbal delict. By the way: is it not Savić the one who called Catholics “Klero-Taliban pussies”? And such a person of double standards lectures us about what is “hate speech”?! We remind you that our media house has already been reported with AKOS. AKOS actually functions as a censorship body of the rulers. More here. When there are real violations, however, there are no reports. More here.

Možina was also criticised by some colleagues because of the interview. TV Slovenija editor Dejan Koban: “Jože, you are no longer my colleague. You are a moloch that is tearing apart this house of ours from the inside, that is forcibly dividing and separating. And now you dared to bring the lowest of them all. You are not worthy of my greeting. You are not worthy of the title of colleague. You are just a traitor. The lowest traitor. Remember. The kind of behaviour you have been doing for years would have gotten you fired a long time ago in any normal company. Because of the lies. Because of slander. Because of scorning one’s own employer. Be happy that this house is the way it is.”


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