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A result we can all be proud of: Record employment in history recorded in Slovenia

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

While the so-called KUL members are trying to convince us through the mainstream media that the government is supposedly doing everything wrong, the statistics speak for themselves. Namely, we achieved record employment, and in October 2021 we recorded the lowest number of unemployed after 2008, the government announced. There are currently 65,676 jobseekers registered at the Employment Service, which is 978 less than at the end of October. The highest vacancy rate to date has also been achieved. The government’s actions are more than obviously going in the right direction.

In October, as usual, several unemployed persons registered with the Employment Service, most of whom were first-time job seekers. Accordingly, unemployment increased by 0.8 percent compared to September, to 66,654 people, and compared to October last year it was lower by 20.3 percent. In the first nine months, 51,755 unemployed people registered with the Employment Service of Slovenia, which is 7.8 percent less than in the same period last year. Most individuals applied due to a loss of a fixed-term job (26,974). 6,075 were first-time job seekers and 9,259 were redundant workers and those fired due to bankruptcy. If we compare this with the same period last year, we can see that 30.4 percent fewer unemployed people registered after the end of fixed-term employment, 28.4 percent fewer first-time job seekers and 59.7 percent fewer redundant workers and bankrupts.

In November, the number of jobseekers decreased further

In the regional offices of the Novo mesto, Ljubljana and Kranj institutes, unemployment decreased compared to the previous month, in the Novo mesto OS by 0.7 percent, in the Ljubljana OS by 0.3 percent and in the Kranj OS by 0.1 percent. Unemployment rose in all other regional services. From January to October, there were on average 76,044 unemployed people per month, which is 10.4 percent less than in the same period last year. There are currently 65,676 jobseekers registered at the Employment Service, which is 978 less than at the end of October.

The number of vacancies is higher

In the first ten months of this year, employers reported 130,258 vacancies to the Employment Service of Slovenia, which is 30.7 percent more than in the same period last year. In October, employers, mostly employers from manufacturing, construction, health care and social work and other miscellaneous business activities, reported 13,626 vacancies, of which 31.1 percent were for an indefinite period and 68.9 percent for a definite period. That is 36.8 percent more vacancies than in October last year.

The highest number of jobs was for the following occupational groups: workers for simple work in manufacturing (980), workers for simple work in building construction (711), cleaners, servers and domestic helpers, etc. in offices, hotels and other establishments (531), drivers of heavy lorries and tractors (475); welders, etc. (413), waiters (387), electricians (346), nursing professionals (325), simple civil engineering workers (289), nursing professionals (275).

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia recorded that there are currently 904,434 people in employment in the country, which is the highest number so far.

Active employment policy

1,542 inclusions in active employment policy measures were recorded in October 2021, namely: 1,175 inclusions in the training and education measure, 229 inclusions in the employment incentive measure and 138 inclusions in the job creation measure, and a total of 18,025 inclusions in 2021, according to the Institute for employment of Republic of Slovenia.


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