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A Judge From Ljubljana Listed as Author of the Anti-Vaccination Letters Filled With Threats

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

A so-called Civil Initiative of Slovenian Lawyers exists in our country, and it has been very active since the end of June by sending warning letters to doctors, media houses, and principals. The initiative threatens to initiate legal proceedings against all of these institutions if they continue to promote and implement vaccination against covid-19. Namely, the aforementioned initiative is very much against vaccination and even treats it as a crime against humanity. However, the true authors of the letters remain unknown. The civil initiative does not want to reveal who its collaborators are. In the metadata of most of the documents, however, it can be noted that Maja Jurić Ekart, who is a judge at the Ljubljana District Court, is mentioned as the author. r, the question is, how did the judge’s name found its way into the metadata of the letters.

There is a list of persons who can be connected, with absolute certainty, with the Civil Initiative of Slovenian Lawyers. It includes an owner of a language school Tjaša Vuzem (she compared the wearing of masks to the Holocaust, among other things), and legal expert Martina Kos (who warns against the adoption of an amendment to the Communicable Diseases Act). The name Maja Jurić Ekart has also appeared in connection with the letters sent by the aforementioned civil initiative. Publicly available data reveals that a judge with this name and surname is employed at the Ljubljana District Court. The Siol.net web portal sent a press question to the initiative: they were interested to know whether the aforementioned judge was in any way involved in writing the letters, Siol reports.

The letters have been sent to MPs, doctors, the Medical Chamber of Slovenia, paediatricians, media outlets, principals of schools, the National Institute of Public Health, and other institutions. Thus, in the case of metadata from the documents that are publicly available on the civil initiative’s website and on Facebook, it is clear that the author is Judge Jurić Ekart. However, no one wants to reveal why the judge’s name appears in the documents. The initiative only pointed out that the data of the aforementioned web portal is inaccurate, but they did not want to disclose any further details. Unofficially, the judge allegedly actually communicated with the initiative, but she finds it incomprehensible that the metadata of the publicly available documents actually cites her as the author of the disputed letters.

Siol also wrote to the Ljubljana District Court in relation to the letters and the initiative, however, the court replied that they would not comment on the case because it does not relate to the scope of work of this public institution and could be of private nature.
Members of the initiative in question believe that covid-19 is a global conspiracy, and they have been sending letters to the aforementioned institutions since the 29th of June. According to the initiative, the recipients of the letters, which are filled with threats, violated the Slovenian Constitution, as well as legislation, and personal freedoms of individuals, by implementing or supporting vaccination against covid-19, using PCR tests, and using protective masks.

The Civil Initiative of Slovenian Lawyers claims that vaccination against covid-19 is actually “gene therapy” and covid-19 is a “fraud” and “crime”
The initiative is also threatening the recipients of the letter that, in the event of continuation of these “disputed” activities, they will be subject to inspections, and the initiative will also use legal means against them. A direct threat made against the recipients of the letters is clear from what is written. It is known that the civil initiative considers the covid-19 vaccines to be experimental and even treats them as gene therapy, while biasedly interpreting the fact that vaccines are conditionally approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The initiative’s arguments regarding the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines are based almost exclusively on research and the beliefs of anti-vaxxers, and on the personal beliefs of members of the civil initiative.

Members of the initiative also believe that the pandemic is nothing more than a global conspiracy produced by the vaccination industry, which has been planned in the last 20 years. They believe that covid-19 is a “scam” and a “crime”. They also rely on popular anti-vaxxer methodology to validate their data, such as the EudraVigilance database, which the EMA has already highlighted as offering unverified and inaccurate data, which is usually taken out of context; not all known patient data is provided and therefore, there is no evidence of a cause-and-effect relationship between vaccination and the severe side effects or the possibility of death.


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