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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

When the state-owned company Gen-I illegally transfers 100,000 euros to Vesna Vuković

By: Moja Dolenjska

“An individual from their account within the legally permitted donation. Where is the violation? The state-owned company Gen-I transfers 100,000 euros to Vesna Vuković. Just like that. Illegally. Pure theft. Media reaction: Golob is a toooooooooooop manager. #disgusting journalism.”

This is what Janez Janša wrote in response to repeated media reports and social media shares where certain journalists endlessly repeat certain claims with the sole purpose of discrediting the Slovenian Democratic Party.

Vesna Vuković is a former journalist (allegedly still a collaborator for the portal Necenzurirano), then the general secretary of the Gibanje Svoboda party, and currently employed at one of the media outlets owned by waste-management and media tycoon Martin Odlazek.

You can read more about the fact that the Audit Court of the Republic of Slovenia used double criteria when assessing the performance of parliamentary parties for 2022 at the link: Court of Audit


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