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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Under Jansa’s government will be reduced salary in office, except for judges

The government agreed on several measures last Tuesday aimed at mitigating the effects of the epidemic. Prime Minister Janez Jansa also touched the official salaries. These will be for 30 percent lower during the national epidemic.

Due to the decision of the Constitutional Court, the judicial branch of power was exempted from this measure, but the Prime Minister urged them to waive their share of the proceeds in the judiciary also themselves. This should not apply to those who, during this time, work normally or are even more burdened – these ones deserve a reward.

Prosecutors are not in favour of this idea. Officials are persons who obtain a mandate to lead their office, in general elections or by election or appointment in the National Assembly and other persons who are elected or appointed in accordance with the law by officials of the legislative, executive or judicial authorities and mayors or heads of state bodies.

The proposal will therefore cut salaries for the Prime Minister, the Government, the Ministers, the Secretaries of State, the Secretary-General of the Government and the Prime Minister, in addition also members of parliament, the president and secretary of the National Council and many others, except judges and prosecutors.


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