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Unbelievable: The director of the Golnik Clinic, Aleš Rozman, is threatened with death!

By: e-maribor

After Milan Krek, director of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ), was the target of harassment by rapper Zlatan Čordić on Monday, new cases of threats to the main actors in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic are coming to light. This time the target was Aleš Rozman, a doctor and director of the Golnik Clinic.

Aleš Rozman, who as a member of the government’s advisory group for covid-19, who directs most of his energy to the fight against coronavirus, confirmed in a short phone call that Slovenske novice has been receiving messages from the sender True Reality, which expresses belief, that the coronavirus was invented. In the last e-mail, an anonymous person described him, Bojana Beović, Milan Krek and others as slaves, accusing them of “committing crimes against the population from behind”.

Rozman reacted sharply to the accusations. For weeks now, we have been receiving shameful emails full of threats from the anonymous headline “True Reality.” In my understanding, such sending is not merely a lack of good taste and discernment, but a crime. Constant harassment, embarrassment and threats are a sample of brown-haired people from the times of Germany before the Second World War,” wrote Rozman, who, due to the abundance of work during the phone call, only confirmed such threats and said that he did not intend to expose this in the media, as that the action is within the competence of the police and the prosecution. It calls on law enforcement authorities to track down the consignor and take appropriate action against them.


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