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This cannot be true, but it is: A criminal and organiser of violent protests is forming a political party!

By: Luka Perš

Well-known organiser of violent protests and criminal Anis Ličina announces the establishment of the political party S.O.S. As part of the campaign, he had already announced a protest on Wednesday at 14.00. The last protest under his execution on November 5th proved to be the most violent, with many injured police officers and even journalists.

We have more than 80 registered political parties in Slovenia. Soon another one is promised to join the list. Its establishment was announced on the social network Facebook by a well-known protester with a criminal past, Anis Ličina. Behind the scenes, it is said that this is a project of the transitional left, so it will have a lot of support.

The Slovenian public will remember Ličina mainly for violence and controversial and anti-Slovenian statements. He sent Slovenian police officers home and told them that Ljubljana was “our city” and insulted them with fools. He came to the fore during the announced violent protests on November 5th, 2020, when there was a mass attack on police officers and journalists. Due to injuries, even photojournalist Borut Dežulović landed at University Medical Center Ljubljana.

Ličina even guest-starred on the RTV show Tednik, and many experts described the contribution as a journalistic bottom, as they portrayed him as a “good protester” in the fight against the corrupt government, which additionally strikes a couple of journalists. In order to prevent similar incidents in the future, he advised journalists to wear a recognisable vest with the inscription RTV. Understand who can.

Would you vote for a robber, a trafficker and a smuggler?

Anis Ličina has been known to the Slovenian police for some time as one of his first exploits was the robbery of a pump, during which he also beat up an employee at the pump. Later, the police found him in the role of a smuggler of illegal migrants, and as we have already written, in his criminal career he even progressed to a member of the Slovenian drug cartel. The Slovenian public was shocked by the confession of one of the police officers that Ličina was not allowed to be brought before an investigating judge on the day of the violent protests on November 5th. A confession came to the public in which the duty prosecutor instructed the police officers “not to dream of bringing Ličina. So not to dream of her prosecuting him.” He was also allegedly seized 5 kilograms of cocaine, 10 kilograms of heroin, 30 kilograms of marijuana and 125 kilograms of amphetamine during a house search. The value of the seized drugs was 600 thousand euros, and on the retail market it could be three to four times higher, wrote the former journalist of RTV Slovenija Sofija Pika Simič.

In connection with the violent riots of November 5th, 2020, they have carried out a house search at Ličina’s home as well as his business premises on the basis of a court order. The investigation was conducted on the basis of a well-founded suspicion of the crime of incitement to resistance and participation in a group that prevents an official from committing an official act. For the first mentioned crime, the highest sanction threatened is imprisonment for up to three years, and for the second from six months to three years.


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