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The Živim Institute opposes the proposal of the March 8th Institute: “What about the rights of unborn children to live?”

By: Gal Kovač (Nova24TV.si)

After water, the media, pensions, the issue of non-governmental organisations, women’s rights and the rights of the LGBT community, the March 8th Institute decided to talk about the regulation of abortion. They organised a press conference in front of the National Assembly, at which the representatives of this non-governmental organisation called on the government to make abortions, sterilisations, and artificial insemination free of charge even for those who do not pay supplementary health insurance. Until this moment, an additional payment is required for these procedures. The Živim Institute responded to their statements, where they wrote that “such a proposal in no way helps mothers who find themselves in distress due to an unplanned pregnancy or other hardships during pregnancy”. Moreover, such suggestions work and even encourage abortion, which many regret for life.

“We are sorry that we are only talking about money, but not about the essential problems that accompany this pregnancy. Why do we not allocate this money to the development of various organisations that would help women to embrace and secure their child despite the hardships? Where in this proposal is there talk of children under the mother’s heart? Article 17 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia says that human life is inviolable,” they wrote in a press release.

The initiative was apparently coordinated in advance. At today’s press conference, the president of the ZZZS board of directors, Irena Ilešič Čujovič, said that the ZZZS board of directors and the ZZZS assembly gave the green light to start the process of changing the percentage values for the listed services, which include medically indicated abortion, already in March. As she said at the press conference, the continuation of the process depends on the government.

As Ilešič Čujovič said, the process of changing the value of percentages of medical services is a two-phase process. First, the administrative board of ZZZS prepares a proposal for change, this proposal then goes to the government for interdepartmental coordination, which must give its consent, reported STA. “The freedom to decide on the birth of children is a fundamental constitutional right, and it is right that the positions of the parties and their presidents are clear,” said Nika Kovač at the press conference, explaining why the letter was sent to all party presidents.

The state recognises the life of the unborn child

In Živim Institute, on the other hand, they say that the state recognises the life of an unborn child, namely “in Article 20 of the Act on Cemetery Activities, which allows the burial or cremation of a dead fetus regardless of its gestational age, and in Article 125 of the Inheritance Act, which it says that an unborn child can inherit if it was conceived at the time of its parent’s death. March 8th Institute talks about rights for all”.

“What about the rights of unborn children to live, the rights of us who want to help unborn children and their mothers, the rights of us who want to protect the lives of both? At the ŽIV!M Institute and the Walk for Life, we emphasise that the March 8th Institute’s proposal is unacceptable, as it does not guarantee the rights of all citizens, including unborn children.”


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