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Saturday, June 22, 2024

The socialists are trying to cause division, and Matjaž Nemec is once again spreading leftist nonsense about the “far right”

By: Bogdan Sajovic

A week before the European elections, poll predictions indicate a shift of European voters towards the right, as more and more voters realise that leftist politics, based on a woke agenda, are harmful.

Leftists of all shapes and colours are now in a panic, as a right-wing European Commission would mean losing access to the main levers of power and, especially, the abundant European budget. Consequently, they have started raising a hue and cry, screaming about the “end of Europe and democracy.” This is quite cynical, as it is precisely the woke agenda advocated by the left that undermines democracy and destroys Europe.

To safeguard their position and woke agenda, the socialists have drafted an internal agreement, bombastically named the Berlin Declaration. In it, socialist parties have pledged not to cooperate with the “far right,” which is code for parties opposing woke policies. Naturally, they are also pressuring other political parties and groups to join their “declaration” or sign similar commitments. Incidentally, as far as the socialists, their pledges, and principles are concerned, in recent years we have seen numerous instances where socialists in the European Parliament have voted with the opposition Left and Greens against coalition agreements made with the People’s Party.

The intention is quite transparent: the socialists are trying to create discord and chaos in European politics to prevent the changes that voters apparently desire.

Just as at the European level, the socialists are panicking at the national level as well. In Slovenia, results show that the socialists are teetering on the edge of securing a single parliamentary mandate, meaning they will likely lose at least one, if not both, of their seats in the European Parliament compared to the previous elections. Because of this, Matjaž Nemec, currently a member of the European Parliament from the ranks of the repainted Bolsheviks, is calling for a commitment not to cooperate with the “far right.”

His call is, however, an empty gesture. Firstly, for the Slovenian Bolsheviks, the “far right” includes anyone to the right of Stalin, meaning that all parties that ideologically do not originate from the proud successors of partisanship would have to pledge not to cooperate with themselves. Secondly, Matjaž Nemec, frankly speaking, is not exactly a significant figure whose calls, of any kind, would be heeded by anyone.


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