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The Secretary of the Islamic Community Nevzet Porić Runs for City Council, Even After Threatening the Opponents of ‘Mosque Street’

After holding the position for 12 years, the current Mayor of Ljubljana Zoran Janković has decided to return to the hunt for a new mandate despite the final indictment in the Stožice case, the Pharmacist’s affair, the city’s debts, and the list could go on. He has an obvious “talent” for choosing the right people as well; on the list of Zoran Janković we find, as in the previous local elections, the secretary general of the Islamic Community in Slovenia, Nevzet Porić. When it came to the case of renaming the street, where a mosque is being built, into Džamijska ulica (eng. Mosque street), Porić used threats saying he would remember all who were against this name as well as the construction of the mosque. One could ask, what kind of co-workers will he choose in case of re-election?


Porić is the one who suggested that the part of Parmova street behind Bežigrad, where the mosque is being built, should be renamed into Džamijska ulica. The left-wing parties accepted the proposal, although experts warned them that the adjective “džamijska” is not a Slovene word.

SDS and NSi City Councilors did not submit
Porić publicly threatened all those who opposed the Islamization of Ljubljana and Slovenia at a city council meeting. After praising Mayor Zoran Janković, saying that the Muslims will never forget his cooperation with them, he openly threatened all others: “Of course, we will remember all those who were against and hindered the mosque construction project.” Despite the threats, the councilors from the SDS and NSi parties decided to take into account the will of the district communities of Bežigrad and Šiška, which opposed the renaming of the street that leads to the mosque into Džamijska ulica or Mosque street.


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