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The protesters are mostly caviar socialists who want to live at the expense of the state

For the third Friday in a row, so-called cycling activists, gathered in front of the parliament, to protest against the government. This time they were joined also by some famous names.

Thus, along with the famous official Brane Praznik and one of the members of the left-wing choir called Kombinat, they caught also Amila Adrovic, an expert associate of the constitutional judge Katja Šugman Stubbs. The latter is known for defending the unjust verdict, in the Patria case, the very verdict that was annulled by the Constitutional Court, of which she is now also a member. She also supported the controversial left-leaning Family Code. Today, in addition to her job at the Constitutional Court, Adrovic A. also performs the function of procurator in the company “Ena plus”, which deals with housekeeping services and she was once also a teacher of pre-school education.

Among the protesters they also saw the actress Milena Zupančič, who was an UNICEF ambassador for thirteen years, also known for charging fictitious travel expenses, on the Bohinj-Ljubljana route, even though she had always lived in Ljubljana. But that’s not all, as many other indecencies also have come to light. Both, Milena Zupančič and her colleague Vita Mavrič (the latter is a member of Forum 21), resigned pompously at the beginning of year 2011, due to corruption scandals, that shook the Slovenian public.

Among the protesters was also the famous Svetlana Makarovič, who carried a poster with the inscription “Janšism is fascism. Death to fascism and janšism”. Makarovič S. is considered a privileged pensioner, as she receives as much as three times the average of the Slovenian pension, and on the expense of taxpayers, she also lives in a prestigious home for the elderly people. Left-wing extremist Igor Bricelj, also known for threatening Jože Možina, was also standing next to her. A few years ago, Bricelj allegedly brought a huge inscription “Death to Janšism” to the RTV Slovenia meeting hall, at the time when the RTV Slovenia programming council was discussing about reporting of the SDS and when Mojca Pašek Šetinc and Eugenija Carl, were also on the wallpaper.

We could list some other well-known protester, who can’t exactly “boast around” that the Janša’s government took everything from him. What is characteristic for all of them, however is, that they all enjoy in their caviar socialism and that they actually have no reasonable reason to protest.


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