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The president of the Gibanje Svoboda party had a Freudian slip: After the commissions, he betrayed himself in questions at confrontations!

(Photo: STA)

By: Tanja Brkić / Nova24tv

Assumptions that Robert Golob explicitly attends television confrontations only where he is offered questions and content before the show are no longer just assumptions. He has repeatedly refused to take part in Nova24TV and Planet TV, but now he himself (probably inadvertently) has admitted that he has pre-prepared questions when participating in confrontations. It was equally complicated that he did not receive commissions for energy transactions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as the project was not realised. In psychology, this phenomenon is called the Freudian slip and inadvertently reveals an unconscious thought or attitude.

At the third pre-election confrontation, which was broadcast live on POP TV, electro oligarch and president of the Gibanje Svoboda party Robert Golob was also among the candidates. While discussing a possible breach of the integrity of his candidates related to corruption in healthcare, he let the cat out of the bag in a sentence that proves all the assumptions that Golob does not participate in confrontations if he does not have pre-prepared questions and the unreliability of his answers, which are also ready in advance.

Golob admitted that the questions are ready in advance

Body language expert Edvard Kadič remarked at the last confrontation that Golob betrayed himself with the following sentence: “And yes, because I know what you are going to ask me, we checked to see if any of them violated basic principles of personal integrity, and no, according to our data, none of them violated this,” said Golob, while the body language of Tina Bregant, the candidate for Minister of Health of the Povežimo Slovenijo movement, clearly expressed her surprise at Golob’s statement. She probably thought that “Golob said something he should not have said”.

The answers are ready in advance as well?

Given that in response to the disclosure of Golob’s dirty business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the accusation of taking commissions, the electric oligarch said that “commissions were not paid because the projects were not realised”, there is great doubt about the fair purpose of Golob’s practices. Especially if we consider a lot of allegations about his illegal payment of salaries and allowances to the account of the state company GEN-i and the fact that he hides his income tax return, does not answer public questions, and refuses to participate in certain shows as he is aware that he will have to explain many things, which he obviously cannot do without a “cheat sheet”.

A Freudian slip is a slip of tongue that seems to inadvertently reveal an unconscious thought or attitude. This concept stems from the research of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. Freud believed that these slips of the tongue are usually sexual in nature and are attributed to deeply suppressed desires from a person’s subconscious for often unfavourable resentments. Tongue slips most often occur when individuals are stressed or speak fast.

Golob finds it difficult to follow his “stories”

It is ironic that in the confrontation, Golob described himself as “economically independent and immune to corruption”, saying that he has zero tolerance for corruption. Meanwhile the public has been listening to and reading about his allegedly illegal salaries and corrupt dealings for a long time. Moreover, new attempts are being made to maintain the oligarchic position. It is obvious that coordinating all denials, lies and cover-ups has become too difficult a task for Golob, who will sooner or later find himself in a situation where even pre-prepared questions and answers will no longer help him.

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