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The left political side is attacking the show Utrip because the author touched on forbidden topics – Judge Masleša and Golob’s salary!

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By: Sara Bertoncelj / Nova24tv

Part of the public was again shaken by Utrip show – it turned out that even RTVS is no longer a safe place for left-wing agitators. The show was prepared by the second of the two non-leftist journalists on the national team, Igor Pirkovič. What is worse, he talked about unheard things on public television – that Robert Golob, unlike some others, is certainly not a victim of the system, and he also talked about three not very convincing versions of the diploma of Chief Justice Branko Masleša. Unheard of! Well, the left political hemisphere has been activated after a quick procedure, and the clerks are already complaining to the editors and the ombudsman for the rights of viewers and listeners. Just what do they demand, the right to exclusively left-wing propaganda? Namely, they cannot complain about the facts – everything Pirkovič stated is pure truth. Who knows if Svetlana Makarovič has already managed to find a rhyme on Pirkovič.

“It has begun. In the show Utrip, I singled out Angela Vode and Jože Pučnik as real victims of the system. Aurelio Juri is speaking out against me with a sharp letter to jadranka.rebernik@rtvslo.si and valentin.areh@rtvslo.si and varuh@rtvslo.si They have become active. You should also write,” said journalist Igor Pirkovič, who prepared yesterday’s Utrip on RTVS and, like Jože Možina did last month, he upset those who are accustomed to listening only to the discourses of the transitional left at the national level. Among other things, he upset former MP and Minister Pavel Gantar, who noted: “Well, there we have it, Nova24tv on TVS!” The Twitter user, on behalf of all the critics, jokingly wrote in his comments to Gantar that he was affected; because journalist Pirkovič did not admit to Robert Golob that he was a victim of the regime, even though he lost half a million a year and a whole bunch of additional rights to which he had become accustomed in 15 years. He also dared to touch upon judge Branko Masleša.

Pirkovič opened topics that had been banned on RTV until then

After some reactions on the social network, one would think that Pirkovič only told untruths in Utrip. But he only listed the facts, the ones that the public media seldom serves us with, to say the least. He listed the names of people who could really be said to be victims, unlike Golob, who only pretends to be one, and certain media outlets agree with him. Otherwise – who would not want to be a victim in Golob’s way and earn half a million euros gross a year, not to mention the awards. However, no one wants to be a victim in the manner of Zvjezdan Radonjić or Milko Novič, to name just two.




Pirkovič also spoke about exclusion, which is, of course, extremely inappropriate for democracy. If we are on the same boat, we should at least talk. He also mentioned how winter salami seems to be a big problem for some, while čevapčiči have never been a problem for them – he spoke about the possible sale of the Sava share to the Hungarian owner. The journalist also spoke about the KUL parties, whose members are not very enthusiastic about the fact that new faces are being placed over them again and again, even, or especially this time when they are doing well for themselves. On the one hand, Slovenia is uniting in the Povežimo Slovenijo movement, and on the other hand, they are uniting “against totalitarian rule”. The latter also call for support for the independent work of journalists – but this obviously only applies to “their” journalists, not to Možina and Pirkovič.

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