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The government is preparing measures for businesses and the population

With the spread of the coronavirus in Slovenia and urgent measures to prevent further infections, more and more citizens are in isolation and are following the advice of the new government to stay at home. In doing so, some of the elderly found themselves in difficulty, including through daily purchases and payment of obligations. Also most companies and sole businesses are also in trouble as on 31 March 2020 the deadline for submitting the balance sheets for 2019 is over.

The Ministry of Finance, in the new government headed by Andrej Sircelj, therefore, immediately after launching other measures earlier this week, issued a message stating that the first priority of spending public money is to save lives and to provide treatment for all those affected. For companies and businesses, however, they are preparing solutions to mitigate the financial impact of the epidemic.

Solutions for companies and businesses will thus extend the deadlines for submitting forms and other documentation to government bodies (FURS, AJPES). It will also allow deferral of certain financial obligations. The measures will address both the financial and administrative aspects of the companies and businesses. They said, that all measures, to prevent and mitigate the effects of the epidemic, will come into force in time.

What about the different payments of household such as RTV, telecommunications, electricity and gas, utilities and such? The banks say that citizens pay for this through a click, electronically, but the fact is that everyone, especially the elderly, is not available and is not skilled to be able to do that.

We therefore sent questions, about whether they would delay payment deadlines, to some of the largest companies. But it seems that most of them do not know yet how they will act in case of non-payment within a fixed time limit or they are still waiting for further instructions. However, it is advisable to pay for each service by the end of the current month. By then, more will be known about it and therefore panic is not necessary.


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