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Thursday, June 20, 2024

The extreme leftists, in front of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, violently against the Police

On Friday, a group of violent left-wing protesters, tried to tear down the protective fence of the National Assembly building in Ljubljana. Police had to intervene and protesters threatened both, the government and police.

Friday’s protests are intensifying and this time not only were there organized calls for violence, but there were also clashes with police officers, guarding the parliament building. Members of the radical left-wing organization “Antifa”, which experts describe as terrorist, also joined the regular protesters in large numbers. According to experts, at least 19 paid members of “Antifa” arrived from Berlin, including three women. It is said to be mercenaries from so called George Soros funds, moving to protests on call.

According to the same persons, the organizers in Ljubljana were also expecting members of the “Antifa” from Vienna, who were supposed to cancel their participation at the last minute. All of the aforementioned “Antifa” people were covered with black masks and hats on their heads, carrying large black-and-red flags, mounted on thicker stakes, which experts say are just a cover for a dangerous cold weapon, hiding in them.

Thus, on Friday, in contrast to the previous anti-government protests, which passed relatively peacefully, this time there were clashes with the police, with a higher representation of “Antifa”. At first, the members of “Antifa” carried a banner with the inscription “Borderless solidarity. Against repression, militarism and fascism”, but was rejected, when they appeared in front of a well-secured parliament. Together with some domestic co-organizers, they began to challenge and attack police officers. They responded professionally, arrested about seven challengers and took them to the Ljubljana Police Station, where they were registered and fined. Among them was also Jaša Jenull, the son of state prosecutor Hinko Jenull and the well-known Janković supporter Jožka Hegler, who challenged police officers and urged others to film him, while playing a huge victim. In the end, money, to pay his fine, was collected among the protesters.

All in all, this aroused a great indignation and experts warn that “the day is not far, when masked terrorists, members of “Antifa”, will smash shops, shop windows and cars”, as they do abroad. Of particular concern is the fact, that national television (among other media) hardly mentioned these “Antifa” people. Let us add that around 5.000 protesters gathered in Ljubljana this time as well. Their number is declining, compared to the original situation and there is also a lot of dissatisfaction with the leadership and quarrels among the protesters.


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