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The anti-spread coronavirus application comes into use in August

An application against the spread of the new coronavirus will also be available in Slovenia in mid-August. The application is based on the German model. In Germany, almost a fifth of all citizens installed it in the first month after its introduction.


The use of the application in Slovenia will be voluntary, the operation will be based on the principle of notification (bluetooth) and not on the GPS system, so it will not be possible to obtain geolocation data and thus perform tracking.

The purpose of the app is a reminder that we have been in the vicinit y of someone with a confirmed new coronavirus in the past 14 days. Such a person will enter the data into the apparatus on the basis of a code assigned by the National Institute of Public Health. At the meeting of two people, their smartphones will then automatically exchange randomly encrypted codes. The codes will only report to their phones that two people have met, and the name and location of the meeting will not be disclosed.

The Android application will use open source and will also be useful for our contacts in Croatia. It will be submitted for publication on the online store App Store and Google Play. When Google and Apple will complete their technical and security checks, a download will be possible.



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