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Slovenia: Odlazek’s empire is actively preparing for the elections: These are the people involved in the kidnapping of the country

By: Sara Kovač /Nova24tv

After we have exclusively revealed on our portal based on the statements of our source that the STA director Bojan Veselinovič intends to continue his career as director/super-editor of the centralised editorial office in Vevče with media tycoon Martin Odlazek after the end of his second term on December 31st this year, even more details surfaced suggesting that Odlazek’s empire is becoming the main operational media tool of the transitional left.

Martin Odlazek’s network has been thoroughly preparing for the launch of a media empire for a long time, with which it intends to help the left to power in the upcoming parliamentary elections, thus buying immunity from persecution and further state funding of his media. In February this year, Odlazek’s subsidiary companies took out a loan from a bank in the amount of 5 million euros for the Vevče project, where radio and television is being arranged and built. There will be a business tower, all media production will be centralised. As we have already revealed, each of Odlazek’s media will supposedly have only one individual local journalist, and everything else will be centralised in Vevče.

According to the source, the key capital for the survival of the empire came from the Lower Carniola gunsmith Ivan Kralj, who sold a company and invested in Odlazek’s empire. According to him, Kralj did not have certain “political requirements”, but rather financial revenue. It is different with Dari Južna. He also invested his capital, but as we found out he wants a political revenue.

He supposedly bet on the SD party

According to reliable information, the party that Odlazek supposedly bet on is the SD party, whose president is MEP Tanja Fajon. According to the source, this can be deduced from the fact that the adviser to the president of the SD party has become none other than Leo Oblak. As we learned, when Oblak trains and prepares, everything is aligned with Odlazek. Such media coverage of political faces by rich networks once again reveals the weakness of Slovene democracy, and a more correct term for the aforementioned abuse of media power would be mediocracy. Namely, with the power of the media, politicians are chosen by those who do not run in the elections, however, later they take credit in the form of business and other financial privileges.

They already had problems with Oblak in the coalition NSi, namely by unsuccessfully severing ties between the party and Leo Oblak-Igor Oman. According to our information, the aforementioned have access to key people (Jernej Vrtovec, Robert Ilc, and Valentin Hajdinjak), and at the same time there is a suspicion that information is leaking from them. Attacks on the NSi party are then carried out through Necenzurirano portal owned by Odlazek or consequently Oblak.

Obviously, this is not possible without the input of the former State Secretary for National Security in the government cabinet of Marjan Šarec, Damir Črnčec, who is currently working as an expert in the LMŠ parliamentary group. He is also associated with Odlazek as a “liaison officer”. It is known that Črnčec is one of the main sources of information for the journalists of Odlazek’s weekly Reporter. This once right wing media is only a pale shadow of a once quality magazine, as after Odlazek’s purchase it passed completely into the hands of the networks of the transitional left, part of which is also the former “right wing extremist” Črnčec.

Odlazek also enriches with monopolised printing

As is also known, the Ljubljana part of Večer moved to Vevče, and printing also moved from Delo to Odlazek. It is probably not necessary to emphasise that the mentioned change represents a significant blow for Delo and a good deal for Odlazek. The company Infonet, whose co-owner is also Kralj and whose director is Oblak, bought a printing machine worth 2 million euros last spring, which will print daily newspapers. This machine was transferred to Vevče. The plan was for all daily newspapers except Delo to be printed exclusively at Odlazek.

The mentioned information, which was revealed to us by our source, shows that Odlazek’s empire is becoming the main operational media tool of the left, which is hungry for power. If there may have been someone who wondered how it is possible for most Slovenian media to blow the same horn, the answer is in the palm of your hand, why is that. There is a strong lust for money and power, so it cannot surprise us if, in the light of the upcoming elections, such and other scandals arise in favour of the left.


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