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Shutdown of the Krško NPP due to Earthquake yesterday

By: J.S., gov.si

Yesterday’s earthquake, which was 40 km from Zagreb at 12:19, caused the automatic shutdown of the Krško NPP.

The Slovenian Environment Agency reported that yesterday, 29 December 2020, at 12:19, the national network of seismic observatories recorded a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6,1 approximately 40 from Zagreb. The earthquake was also felt by all the inhabitants of Slovenia.
The earthquake caused the automatic shutdown of the Krško NPP. The NPP is in a safe state of shutdown. The plant staff immediately started to carry out the procedures for stabilization of the plant. Preventive inspections of systems and equipment in the NPP are ongoing. There were no environmental impacts.
The event is monitored by the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration, which will inform the public about further proceedings.


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