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RTV Slovenia presenter Ksenija Horvat supports Tea Jarc’s protest violence on public television – for our money!

Ksenija Horvat (Photo: printscreen)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

“Why do you think that the public condemned the activist Tea Jarc so much, who confronted the Prime Minister on Triglav, albeit a little loudly, but not insultingly and argumentatively …” This is one of the scandalous quotes of RTV journalists Ksenija Horvat in the show Intervju on national RTV, where journalists should not show such biased political activism. How they comment on the organisation of the show in the management of RTV, we will publish as soon as we receive the answers.

Dragan Petrovec, Janez Kocijančič, Mladen Dolar, Vesna Milek, Ali Žerdin, Boris Bergant are just some of the names from the left, hosted by the host Ksenija Horvat in her show Intervju. Horvat is one of the hard core of the “Party” line of journalists, which can undoubtedly be seen in the selection of her guests. Last Sunday, when she hosted the dean of the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, Dr Roman Kuhar, she has crossed the line of professional journalism.

Sunday’s Intervju was another show where guest Kuhar conveniently badmouthed the center-right government of Janez Janša. After all, he is the dean of the faculty where the extreme left wing LGBT agenda is most brutally implemented, and where left wing fascists such as the Levica MP Miha Kordiš have also grown.

Ksenija Horvat promotes violence on national television

What stood out in particular was the extremely unprofessional and activist approach of the leader Horvat, when she put words in the guest’s mouth and even said value judgments about the event in Kredarica, where Tea Jarc verbally confronted Interior Minister Aleš Hojs and the Prime Minister Janez Janša. The incident even united the entire public, both left and right, that it was an inappropriate and extremely distasteful response from unionist Jarc and cycling protesters, but host Horvat thinks otherwise and even claims that she dealt with them without insults and argumentatively. Well supposedly she did raise her voice a little too much. Which now apparently means the power of the argument, so that it is clear. Screaming and stigmatising anyone you do not like or do not get along with politically. Also in holy places, such as the Slovenian mountains. This was once done by fascists, Titoists, Chinese revolutionaries led by Mao Zedong, and others to whom democracy and tolerant debate are not close. Today, however, these bullies have the support of national broadcaster RTV and some extreme leaders.

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