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[Public Opinion Poll] The Referendum On Increasing The Number Of Ministries: People Are Clearly Not In Favour Of This Kind Of Wasteful Spending

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

The latest public opinion poll conducted by the Parsifal Agency clearly shows that people are not in favour of the unnecessary and financially wasteful increase in the number of ministries. As much as 50.4 percent of the respondents said they were against the idea, and 16.7 percent were in favour of it, while 22.3 percent said they would not participate in the referendum, and 10.7 percent of the respondents were still undecided.

The results of the public opinion poll, which was conducted for Nova24TV by the Parsifal Agency between the 10th and the 14th of October, show that 50.4 percent of the respondents would vote against increasing the number of ministries, while 16.7 percent would vote in favour of increasing the number and 22.3 percent would not even participate in the referendum. The rest (10.7 percent) are still undecided.

Out of all the respondents, 67.1 percent said that they would participate in the referendum against increasing the number of ministries. Namely, the government of Robert Golob wants to increase the number of ministries, but the opposition is against this and has therefore announced a referendum on this question. Below, we will also describe how the support (and non-support) for the government bill in question changed over time (it was measured on three separate dates).

The lowest level of opposition to the new Government Act, which stipulates the increase of the number of ministries, was measured on the 25th of June 2022, when it stood at 41.4 percent, rising to 52.4 percent on the 2nd of September, and then dropping slightly to 50.4 percent on the latest date of the measurements – the 14th of October 2022. More men (54.1 percent) than women (46.7 percent) oppose it, with the highest percentage of those who oppose it belonging to the 35-44 age group (61.1 percent) and the group of those with vocational qualifications (63.4 percent).

Demographic data The public opinion poll was conducted between the 10th and the 14th of October, and 705 respondents participated in it, of which 50.1 percent were women. The average age of the participants is 53.5 years, and the standard deviation is 16.8 years. The majority of the respondents are from the oldest age group (46.6 percent), a slightly smaller share of participants belongs to the middle age group (33.6 percent), and the smallest number of respondents is from the youngest age group (19.8 percent). The majority of the respondents have completed high school (34.2 percent), followed by those with completed high education or higher (28.8 percent), 20.6 percent of respondents have finished vocational school, and 16.5 percent have either completed or have not completed primary school. The majority of the respondents currently reside in a small village or hamlet (55.6 percent), followed by those who live in the city (27.2 percent) or a smaller town (17.2 percent). Most of the respondents are from Central Slovenia (26.1 percent), followed by the Podravska (15.9 percent) and Savinjska (11.6 percent) statistical regions.


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