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[Public opinion poll] SDS has the highest support, the support for Šarec’s LMŠ continues to fall!

The public opinion poll, conducted by the Parsifal agency for Nova24TV, records the highest support for the SDS party, while the support for the LMŠ party continues to steadily decline. The support for the SD, Levica, and SMC parties is also falling. However, for the NSi and DeSUS parties, support has grown. According to the results of the poll, more than half of the respondents support the interpellation of Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, which is the result of numerous tendentious media attacks.


In the public opinion poll, the respondents were initially asked how likely they were to participate in the next parliamentary elections.

Out of all the respondents, 46.0 percent said that they would certainly attend the next parliamentary elections (these respondents chose the score of 5 out of 5 when answering the question), and 13.8 percent of the respondents said that they would definitely not attend the elections.

The media attacks and protests did not diminish the support for SDS, support for LMŠ continues to fall
If the parliamentary elections were held this Sunday, out of 509 respondents who have already decided who they would vote for, most of them would choose the Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) – 30.6 percent. They are followed by LMŠ, which 17.9 percent of the already-decided respondents would choose, and the Social Democrats, which are supported by 12.8 percent of those who already know how they would vote for.

Compared to the previous public opinion polls, the support for SDS remains stable and has even increased slightly, compared to the previous poll – from 29.1 percent to 30.6 percent, among those who already know who they would vote for. Thus, SDS is still ahead of LMŠ, whose support has been steadily declining in recent weeks and months. Support for the SD, Levica, and SMC parties is also falling. But for NSi and DeSUS, support has grown.

The media attacks on Počivalšek have resulted in high support for his interpellation
Out of all the respondents, 56.5 percent support the interpellation of Minister Zdravko Počivalšek, and 32.0 percent do not support it. The high support is a result of numerous tendentious media attacks, in which the Minister did not even have the opportunity to defend himself. However, Počivalšek has already stated that he is looking forward to the interpellation, as the entire affair related to the purchase of protective and medical equipment, will finally be clarified.

The survey included 776 respondents The public opinion poll was conducted over the phone by the Parsifal agency, for Nova24TV, between May 6th and May 8th. The survey included 776 respondents, of which 50.3 percent were women. The average age of the participants is 51.3 years, and the standard deviation is 15.9 years. The majority of the respondents are from the oldest age group (42.0 %), a slightly smaller number of participants belong to the middle age group (39.0 %), and the smallest number of respondents is from the youngest age group (19.0 %). The majority of the respondents have completed high school (34.1 %), followed by those with completed high education or higher (28.0 %), 22.5 percent of respondents have finished vocational school, and 15.4 percent have either completed or have not completed primary school. The majority of the respondents currently reside in a small village or hamlet (53.1 %), followed by those who live in the city (30.1 %) or a smaller town (16.8 %). Most of the respondents are from the central region (25.5 %), followed by Podravska (15.4 %) and Savinjska region (12.7 %).

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