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President of the Supreme Court’s Non-Compliance With the Regulations Instils Distrust in the Judiciary: Florjančič Was Caught Without a Mask!

By: Ivan Šokić / Nova24tv

Our editorial office has received a video showing the President of the Supreme Court, Damijan Florjančič, MSc, walking through a crowd of people indoors, without a mask on his face, while everyone else is wearing one. This allegedly happened during the 16th Bled Strategic Forum, where many guests from abroad were also present.

We are in the fourth wave of the epidemic, and with a decree on temporary measures adopted to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of SARS-CoV-2, our government has ordered the use of protective masks in public places. However, the President of the Supreme Court, Damijan Florjančič, MSc, obviously does not care about this, or perhaps he believes that he simply does not need to wear a mask. He may even be one of the anti-vaxxers or the people who believe that the virus does not exist, like the principle Žurej.

The use of a protective mask is mandatory in all enclosed public places or spaces. It is also mandatory in open public places or spaces where it is not possible to ensure a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other and in personal vehicles if people who are using them are not members of the same household. The fact that Forjančič is the President of the Supreme Court and apparently does not even care about the laws and decrees perfectly describes the judiciary in Slovenia. It is not surprising that the assessments of Slovenians’ trust in the judiciary are extremely low. If the President of the Supreme Court himself is not following the rules, why should anyone else?

The government decrees can say one thing, and certain individuals will still do things however they want to do them. According to experts, Dlorjančič was already hypocritical in the past, as he supposedly frequently changes his opinion on matters and, in addition, is not professional.
Florjančič is known to the public as the judge who was appointed to the Senate by the former President of the Supreme Court, Branko Masleša, who decided on the requirements for the protection of legality in the Patria case. Demokracija magazine also reported on the fact that the Senate of the Supreme Court, part of which was also Florjančič, decided on the appeal of Janez Janša in the Patria case and that the Senate is clearly infected with a totalitarian mentality.

We have also sent relevant press questions to the Supreme Court. We were interested in whether the footage really shows the President of the Supreme Court and whether he respects the measures or not. In any case, such behaviour is a bad example for others, especially considering Florjančič’s position.


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